Gong Yoo’s Revelations On His Great Ancestor Confucius, And His Closeness To Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Yoo may have shed his role of the great and lonely god in Goblin, but he is actually holding a real-life role that is not fictitious at all. It turns out that our favorite Hallyu actor is a descendant of the great Chinese thinker, Confucius.

During his fan meeting in Taiwan, Gong Yoo was asked regarding news that broke out about his relation to the famous Chinese philosopher.

“My parents wouldn’t have lied to me, would they?” the Goblin actor replied humorously.

Confucius, the great educator and thinker of ancient China, was also known by his real name, Kong Qiu. It is written in Chinese characters as 孔丘. He was also saluted as Kong Zi or Kong Fu Zi. So revered was he that despite changes in dynasties over the years, his family remained protected and had continued an organized and clean family record. In 2005, the Guinness World Records acknowledged Kong Qiu’s family as the world’s longest family tree, documenting over 2 million descendants and about 86 generations.

Gong Yoo is descended from the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius. [Images by Andreas Rentz and Rischgitz/Getty Images]

Kong Qui got his Latin name,Confucius, when Western missionaries arrived in China hundreds of years ago and translated Kong Fu Zi to a Latin format.

Dramafever reveals that Gong Yoo comes from the 79th generation among Confucius’ descendants. Gong Yoo stems from the Korean extended family traced from the 54th generation under Kong Shao. Their line is the only non-Chinese branch acknowledged in Confucius’ family tree. Moreover, Gong Yoo’s name in Chinese characters is spelled as 孔劉, deeming his surname’s characters similar to Confucius’ which is 孔.

Gong Yoo’s former co-star, Gong Hyo Jin, also comes from the prestigious Kong Fu Zi line, from the 81st generation. This makes Gong Yoo the equivalent of her grandfather’s generation.

This must be why the two actors are very close to each other. Gong Yoo reveals that Hyo-jin is very close to him saying, “She is really a great friend. Be it about acting or personal issues, she has given me much help and advice.”

The Jealousy Incarnate actress made a surprise appearance to Gong Yoo’s Make A Wish fan meeting held in Hong Kong last May 6. Hyo-jin had some revelations about the Hallyu heartthrob.

“He’s very famous for being handsome. He’s a romantic guy who really knows how to protect women. He’s also quite frugal,” she shared.

“Gong Yoo is an honest person, but he has a lot of secrets. His flaw is that he’s timid, but his greatest strength is that he’s a great listener.”

The couple had last starred together in the k-drama titled Biscuit Teacher Star Candy in 2005. Gong Hyo Jin’s surprise appearance fueled rumors that they might be working on a new project together. It would be easy as well since both actors belong to the same agency. Unfortunately, no hints were given regarding their next project.

During the fan meeting, Gong Yoo revealed that he wasn’t planning on taking a long break. However, he said that filming a drama was very tiring. He shared that he misses working on a movie set.

“I do not plan on taking a long break. Filming a drama, though, was very tiring. After working on a drama, I start to long for a movie set,” the award-winning actor said.

“I have not decided anything yet, but I think it’s likely my next work might be a movie. I won’t take too long and will choose a good project quickly.”

Aside from a fervent hope for another project with Gong Hyo Jin, another actor that fans wouldn’t mind seeing Gong Yoo act alongside with is Goblin co-actor Lee Dong Wook. During his fan meeting in Taiwan, he had great things to say about the Grim Reaper actor.

“When we were in the army together, I thought he was such a cool guy. Working with him on Goblin made me realize he’s an even better person than I thought.”

It can be recalled that when Lee Dong Wook held his own fan meeting in Seoul last March, Gong Yoo made a special appearance as well. The two actors recreated scenes from Goblin, much to the delight of the lucky fans who were able to attend the event.

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Whatever Gong Yoo decides to do next, be it another drama or a movie this time, one thing is for certain. He would always have the unwavering support of his fans who have stood by him since his rise to fame from his other k-drama, The First Shop of Coffee Prince.

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