‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Weaves A Tangled Web Once Again, Who Is He Gunning For This Time?

This week on ABC’s General Hospital, there have been plenty of Port Charles residents feuding with each other, and it could eventually become dangerous. Sonny Corinthos is one scary dude when he goes into his mobster mode, and he is aiming to take someone down. Who will be on the receiving end of his fury this time?

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Sonny grabbed his phone to make a call. He was seen telling the person on the other end that he was ready to pull the trigger and to do it now. Of course, Sonny is in the mobster business, so that could very well mean he has put a hit on someone, but it sounds like this was not meant to be taken literally. Whatever his plan is, it may not go the way he thinks it will, as TV Source Magazine says. It may backfire on him, as their spoilers suggest.

Who is Sonny gunning for? [Image by Phil Stafford/Shutterstock]

Sonny has a plan set up and he is ready to put it into motion. However, he didn’t mention any names as to who he was referring to. Who will be the one on the receiving end of his scheme?

The most likely candidate would be Ava Jerome. She is currently blackmailing Sonny into letting her spend more time with their daughter, Avery. She now knows the secret that he is trying to keep under wraps. Last week on General Hospital, Ava spotted Sonny with Martina, who also happens to be Carly’s divorce lawyer. She has figured it all out and now has the leverage she needs to be able to control Sonny into letting her in Avery’s life. Does Sonny have a plan in place to stop her for good?

The other person who is on Sonny’s hit list is Martina. Right after he made that call to one of his guys, he was seen meeting up with her at his restaurant. The previews for Tuesday’s General Hospital has those two going head-to-head. Ava is not the only one who is into the blackmail game. Sonny is expected to make an offer that Martina just can’t refuse.

With Carly trying to take her soon-to-be ex to the cleaners in divorce court, he is expected to start playing dirty, and that means threatening her trusty lawyer into getting what he wants. Soap Central has posted spoilers for this week’s General Hospital, and it says that Carly will realize that she has once again trusted the wrong person. Martina could be in deep trouble if she was found to have slept with her client’s husband, so she is desperate to keep their affair quiet.

Carly will also walk in on Sonny and Martina at the restaurant just as they are closing their deal, as seen in the previews for this week on General Hospital. Will she figure out what is going on between them? Carly is very in tune with her husband’s demeanor. She has been through his indiscretions before, so she may just catch on and use that to her advantage.

Ava Jerome has that advantage, and she could use it to help Carly in her divorce proceedings. However, it is unlikely that Carly would align with Ava since she is always so adamant about keeping Avery away from her mother as much as possible. Would Carly ever change her mind and go against Sonny in this way? Would she ever team up with Ava in order to stick it to him?

This plan Sonny has set in motion may just include all three women. His deal with Martina could also include making sure that Ava keeps her mouth shut. Knowing Ava Jerome, she may not stop at just more visitations with her daughter. She could use Martina to her own advantage against Sonny to gain custody of Avery.

It is all a tangled web that Sonny seems to get himself into. There is a rumor going around that Martina ends up pregnant. She could very well be added to Sonny’s list of baby mamas that he currently has in his life. That would throw a wrench into any reconciliation between him and Carly.

Will Sonny really get the upper hand, or has he met his match in Martina? Be sure to catch General Hospital to see how the mobster will handle all three of these feisty women.

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