Jana Duggar: While The Internet Tries To Hook Her Up With Tim Tebow, Rumors Say She’s With A Family Friend

Jana Duggar is an enigma: while the comings and goings of her younger sisters, Jill and Jessa, are meticulously documented on social media and on their TV show, Counting On, Jana is on social media silence. Meanwhile, fans are trying desperately to hook her up with Tim Tebow, while rumors are now circulating that she’s taken up with an old family friend named Jonathan Hartono.

On Radio Silence

Unlike her brother Josh (who is married) and her married sisters Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, Jana has no presence on social media beyond her family’s official Facebook page. There’s a reason for that, according to The Hollywood Gossip: Duggar children are forbidden from having social media accounts until they’re married.

Now if you’re thinking, “She’s an adult woman, she can do whatever she wants,” well, a) you are correct, but b) you’re obviously not a Duggar. Family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar still rules the roost concerning the Duggar kids, even if those kids are pushing 30.

There are several downsides to this, of course, not the least of which is the idea that an adult woman is accountable to her father for whether or not she has a social media account. But it also means that news of what Anna is up to is hard to come by beyond what her publicist – er, her dad – chooses to reveal on the social media account he runs.

The Tim Tebow Connection

Regardless of whatever her own interests seem to be, internet matchmakers have the perfect man in mind for Jana: former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow!

As In Touch Weekly reports, Jana and Tebow have been the perfect couple in the minds of Duggar fans ever since 2014, when Jim Bob Duggar met Tim’s mom, Pam Tebow, at a charity event. As far as anyone can tell, nothing happened between the two, and indeed they may very well have never even met. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from thinking Tim & Jana would make the perfect couple.

“I really want your Dad to talk to Tim Tebow, a truly Godly man! You deserve to be happy and make your own beautiful babies!”

What do Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar have in common that would make them a perfect match for each other?

  • They’re similar in age (Jana is 27, Tim is 30).
  • They’re both devout, outspoken Evangelical Christians.
  • They’re both third-tier (or even fourth-tier of fifth-tier) celebrities.
  • That’s it.

Don’t get too excited about the Jana-Tim relationship just yet, however. As of this writing, Tim is slugging it out in baseball’s minor leagues, currently in the New York Mets organization’s Columbia, South Carolina team. That’s a long way from Arkansas, where Jana lives.

The Mystery Man, Jonathan Hartano

Actually, there’s a man of marriagable age much closer to Jana than Tim Tebow, and according to rumors published in Christian Post, the fellow has caught Jana’s eye — or vice-versa.

That man is Jonathan Hartano, and people are speculating that he loves him some Jana based on a Tumblr post that purports to show Hartano bowling with Jim Bob. The photo is captioned “1 on 1,” leading to speculation that Hartano is seeking Jim Bob’s permission to “court” Jana.


As it turns out, the Duggar family and the Hartano family have been friends since 2010, when Jana and her twin brother John-David met Jonathan and his sister Jennifer on a mission trip to Southeast Asia.

As of this writing, neither anyone in the Duggar camp nor anyone in the Hartano camp (or Tebow camp, for that matter) have confirmed whether or not Jana and Jonathan (or Jana and Tim) are in a relationship.

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