Eddie Lacy Can Count On Green Bay Packers Fan Despite Move To Seattle Seahawks

Eddie Lacy may have played for the Green Bay Packers for a few years, but he’s ready for a change. After signing a contract with the Seattle Seahawks, Eddie decided it was time to pack everything up in Wisconsin so he could properly and permanently move to Seattle. He starts playing for the Seahawks later this summer as preparations get going for the upcoming season. Moreover, to close the chapter in Wisconsin, Eddie Lacy decided it was time to get rid of his old gear from Wisconsin. This weekend, Lacy had a huge garage sale at his home in hopes of emptying out the home he had been living in. Moreover, hundreds of people showed up to buy some goodies.

According to new tweets, Eddie Lacy documented the garage sale on Twitter, sharing what he had left to sell and kept pushing deals to fans online. Even the local news picked up the story and sent a crew to his home. Here, fans could see that he was selling his old gear from the Green Bay Packers, including all of his shoes. In other words, hardcore fans could get a piece of history by stopping by his home and buying something from Eddie.

“Less than 2 hrs tho? Only thing left is my 6 pc sectional. Get it by 5p. Nothing left to sell tomorrow. No [money] like charity [money]. Thank you,” Eddie Lacy revealed on Twitter, sharing that Green Bay Packers fans had shown up at his house to help him get rid of various things from his home as he prepared to head to Seattle.

It sounds like Green Bay Packers fans helped him get rid of everything in his home, including his personal items and furniture. The only thing left after two hours was his couch, but with a price-drop, Eddie Lacy was able to sell the couch to a lucky fan.

“Still have the sectional left, droppin price down to $1k. First person to the house w/ the money & vehicle to move it gets a lil surprise,” Eddie Lacy later tweeted when he couldn’t get rid of his huge sofa, but his tweet about a surprise must have helped, as someone picked it up later that afternoon.

“It’s a wrap… last items were just sold and picked up. Thx to all who came, waited for hours and bought stuff to help me give back,” Lacy wrote late yesterday, sharing that he was thankful for people for showing up and helping him get rid of everything from his home.

It sounds like Eddie Lacy was planning on having another garage sale over the weekend for the items that were left, but fans made sure to clear out everything he had for sale. And they showed him loyalty and respect by not turning their backs on him just because he’s headed to Seattle. Lacy signed with Seattle earlier this year, but according to a CNBC report, the contract comes with a catch.

Apparently, he had been overweight when he played for the Green Bay Packers and he had been signed to the Seattle Seahawks this year with another weight gain. He has reportedly been asked to lose the weight as he had gained weight during the off-season. The Seahawks are reportedly asking him to shed around 40 pounds before the new season. While he was around 231 pounds in college, he rounded the 270 when he weighed in with the Seattle Seahawks this year. But at least Packers fans love him – all 270 pounds of him.

What do you think of Eddie Lacy selling his belongings to the Green Bay Packers fans? Are you surprised that so many people showed up?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]