Disney Cruise Line: Passenger Jumps Overboard While On Disney Dream – Rescued By Coast Guard

Late last week, a sailing aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship turned frightening as a guest ended up going overboard and needing to be rescued by the Coast Guard. The sailing was on the Disney Dream, and there isn’t a lot known about the incident, but it is now being reported that the male guest didn’t fall but ended up jumping off the ship on his own.

Cruise Law News reported that on Thursday, a male passenger went overboard during a four-night sailing through the Bahamas. The news was first reported by Chip and Co. which said the guest went overboard early in the evening, but it was immediately noticed by the staff on the ship.

At the time, all that was known is that a Coast Guard plane flew over the area where the man went overboard as the Disney Dream began circling. The recovery was said to have taken less than an hour, and the guest was taken to the ship’s medical center.

disney cruise line dream man overboard jumps rescued coast guard
[Image by Disney]

When the incident occurred, the Disney Dream was actually heading back to its home port of Port Canaveral, Florida. During the four-night sailing, the ship visited Nassau, Disney’s private island of Castaway Cay, and had a day at sea.

Disney does have a very advanced security system onboard their Disney Cruise Line fleet of ships, and a “man overboard” signal did sound on Thursday evening. A user by the name of “cruiser21” posted in the DisBoards forum and had more specific details regarding the incident.

“He jumped about 6 pm. It was light out with dead calm seas several passengers saw it and heard the splash. Coast guard showed up about 45 minutes later. He was rescued after about 90 minutes by Disney crew. A lot of people were at dinner and didn’t know anything about it. The did call mr mob one time.”

“Mr. Mob” is Disney’s subtle and secretive way of calling for a “Man Overboard.” In this situation, he jumped off the fourth deck at a time when the majority of guests are at dinner, and most of the others are at the nighttime show.

For those who aren’t aware, Disney does have a lot of abbreviations for different things on Disney Cruise Line as well as in their theme parks. Those abbreviations are for numerous reasons, and in this case, it was used to keep panic at the bare minimum.

Even though the weekend has passed, the identity of the passenger is still not known as is his condition. No injuries were reported at the time by the Disney Dream.

disney cruise line dream man overboard jumps rescued coast guard
[Image by Disney]

In the past, Disney Cruise Line has had to deal with its own share of man overboard situations as the Disney Magic investigated one just a little over a year ago.

As reported by Inquisitr, a passenger fell overboard unnoticed while on a Royal Caribbean cruise two years ago. The Oasis of the Seas was sailing near Cozumel, Mexico when the passenger went overboard and no-one on the ship happened to notice.

The Disney Magic was sailing the same route as Royal Caribbean that day and happened to arrive at the area soon after. It was then that the Disney Magic lowered a rescue boat into the water, picked up the passenger, and docked at Punta Langosta so that he could receive medical treatment.

The Disney Cruise Line is no stranger to frightening situations as they are quite the common occurrence across all companies. There are people who are injured, mechanical issues, and even guests who end up going overboard. As learned by the Disney Dream last week, there are even those passengers who take matters into their own such as this man who jumped off the fourth deck, but luckily, the Coast Guard was there to make the save.

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