Zak Bagans Teases New ‘Ghost Adventures’ Mini-Series To Air On Travel Channel This Fall

Zak Bagans teased a new Ghost Adventures mini-series to air on the Travel Channel this fall. Less than a week ago, Zak took to his personal Twitter account to mention the new mini-series that is set to premiere in October. Staying true to his nature of not revealing too much, Zak Bagans’ Twitter post last Tuesday left Ghost Adventures fans saying they’re “very curious of what’s to come.”

Long-time Ghost Adventures host, Zak Bagans, 40, first made mention of the new mini-series via his personal Facebook account back at the first of the year. On January 24, Bagans teased fans with a post, saying that the Ghost Adventures crew was getting ready to head out to film a “very special Travel Channel mini-series.” Zak went on to say that filming for the new mini-series would last about a month, non-stop, and would be the “most aggressive investigation mission ever” for the Ghost Adventures team.

That post received hundreds of shares and hundreds of comments from Ghost Adventures fans, who said they “can’t wait for the mini-series.” Zak’s Facebook followers were left trying to guess what the new Ghost Adventures mini-series would be about, with one fan even asking if it would be anything like the former Ghost Adventures investigator Nick Groff’s seven-episode mini-series, Ghosts of Shepherdstown, that aired on Destination America in June of 2016, less than two years after Groff announced he would not be returning to Ghost Adventures.

Although Zak Bagans never replies back to comments on his Facebook page, Ghost Adventures fans should assume that he would never try to duplicate a project done by Nick Groff, who was one of the original three-member team of investigators to star on Ghost Adventures, beginning in 2006, with the Syfy Channel documentary film. As reported by Inquisitr, Zak Bagans actually called out Nick Groff, 37, via Twitter for allegedly using Ghost Adventures to promote himself and his newest venture, Paranormal Lockdown, another paranormal reality TV series.

Without ever actually calling out Nick by name, Zak accused him of using the Ghost Adventures name to promote Paranormal Lockdown, and even accused him of not coming up with something original, possibly referring to the lockdown angle of Paranormal Lockdown. Ghost Adventures was built on the premise of Zak Bagans, along with two other paranormal investigators, being locked in a haunted location overnight to collect both visual and auditory evidence of paranormal activity.

Ghost Adventures has become a huge success for Zak Bagans, as the show entered its 14th season on March 25. Viewership has continued to hold steady for Ghost Adventures, even after Nick Groff was absent for the second half of Season 10. The newest season of Ghost Adventures was listed as number 18 out of the ShowBuzzDaily list of 150 top Saturday cable originals, and Zak Bagans currently has hundreds of thousands of social media followers, who are now anxiously awaiting more news on the new Ghost Adventures mini-series.

Possibly, the new mini-series Zak Bagans teased will be a new spin on the Ghost Adventures regular yearly Halloween special episode. In years past, the Ghost Adventures Halloween specials have been a one-night episode that usually airs either on Halloween night or close to Halloween day. Zak Bagans may be wanting to mix it up a little and make the spirit of Halloween last through a Ghost Adventures mini-series, but fans will just have to stay in suspense and continue to watch social media for updates. According to Zak, he is “excited to reveal what this is all about very soon!”

Zak Bagans also recently gave Ghost Adventures fans an update on the new ongoing season, adding via Twitter that the new season of Ghost Adventures will return on June 17 with new episodes.

“Have to take a small break so we can catch up,” tweeted Zak on Saturday, leaving Ghost Adventures fans saying the wait is going to be long, and they will have nothing to watch on weekends until June.

Haunted taxicabs! #OpeningSoon

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Dread Central recently shared that Zak Bagans will personally take a few lucky Ghost Adventures fans on a “one-hour sneak peek tour” of his Las Vegas-based Haunted Museum that was featured on episodes of Deadly Possessions. Fans have been wondering for a while when the Haunted Museum will be open to the public. An exclusive Dread Central article less than a year ago stated that the opening of the Haunted Museum had been delayed due to slowed construction.

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