Kandi Burruss Welcomes Angela Stanton, Who Claims Phaedra Parks Is A Criminal, To Her ‘RHOA’ Party

Perhaps the most shocking moment of part four of the Season 9 The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, some might even say the most shocking moment out of all the seasons’ reunion shows, was when Phaedra Parks admitted that she was the one that told Porsha Williams that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker wanted to drug her and her friend, Shamea Morton, to rape them. Not only that, Phaedra also admitted that she didn’t hear that information directly from Kandi herself, which resulted in Porsha, who maintained that she would have never repeated the claim if she wasn’t convinced that Kandi had said it herself, breaking down in sobs as she realized that she might have been used by Phaedra to get back at Kandi.

One person who watched Phaedra admit her wrong was Angela Stanton, the woman who wrote Lies of a Real Housewife:Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, a memoir in which she claims she committed crimes with the help of Phaedra, only to be abandoned by her when she was arrested and sent to prison. Where did Angela watch the reunion show? At Kandi and Todd’s restaurant, Old Lady Gang. Instead of shooing Angela away from her establishment, Kandi celebrated Angela’s presence and even helped promote her book that claims that Phaedra’s really just a criminal, but simply knows how to get away it.

As the reunion show aired on Sunday night, Kandi posted a video of herself welcoming and introducing Angela to the viewing party. According to Kandi, she didn’t invite Angela, but she came of her own accord.

“This is crazy. We just saw me saying how, compared with what Phaedra did to me and if I brought Angela Stanton on our show but guess who just stopped by the Housewives viewing party. I did not plan it. Angela Stanton! She’s sitting here.”

When Kandi turns the camera towards Angela, Angela immediately plugs the book that she wrote about Phaedra.

Lies of a Real Housewife. Amazon.com!” shouts Angela, who is sitting in the front row with a crowd of people behind her.

Kandi proceeds to ask Angela about the case that Phaedra brought against her over the book.

“Now was your case dismissed?”

Angela proudly exclaims that Phaedra wasn’t able to stop her from selling her book.

“Dismissed with prejudice!”

Kandi continues the conversation about the book.

“So you can sell your book?”

As the crowd cheers, Angela again explains that Phaedra can’t stop her from selling her book and telling her story.

“I can sell my book. I can tell my story. She can’t do anything about it. She forfeited her rights to sue.”

Kandi again maintains that she did not invite Angela to her viewing party, but that it was just a coincidence.

“Hey, I did not plan that. She just so happened to be here. Okay, just want to make that clear.”

It seems, however, that Kandi later thought that it wasn’t a good idea for her to have posted the video because she deleted it from her Instagram page shortly afterwards. Angela, however, had already shared Kandi’s post on her own Instagram page.


During part four of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion show, Kandi Burruss, when talking about how wrong and unfair it was for Phaedra Parks to spread rumors about her when she knew they were unfounded, mentioned how she never repeated the claims that Angela Stanton made against Phaedra in the book Lies of a Real Housewife because she knew they were lies. Of course, now that Kandi has mentioned Angela and her book during the reunion show, it’s likely to cause a big bump in interest in what Angela claimed, and continues to claim, about Phaedra. In response to Kandi’s tweet that referred people to her Instagram post about Angela at her viewing party, several people commented that they just ordered Angela’s book off of Amazon.


On February, 2014, Radar Online posted snippets from a deposition that Angela did in response to Phaedra’s defamation lawsuit against her over her book. In her deposition, Angela reiterated what she wrote in her book. According to Angela, she and Phaedra were involved in “fraudulent bank accounts, insurance checks, fake IDs, chop shops, stolen cars, fraudulent titles, fraudulent registration cards.” Angela explained that she met Phaedra through a man she was dating at the time and was enticed to join her in her criminal activity.

“I recall a conversation in regards to things that [Parks] had going on, things that she was doing, how I could make money. I was a single mother with a bunch of children. I looked at it as an opportunity and I jumped on the bandwagon.”

Angela went on to explain what she did for Phaedra.

“Basically … there were conversations between her and I where there were orders were placed for things that [Parks] wanted or things that she needed for whatever. She would make a list of the things that she needed. I would take those things … I would pick up the list in addition to fraudulent checks, and I’d ride around all day going to different stores and I’d write checks and I’d collect the items that she needed, and I’d bring them back to her.”

According to Angela, the criminal activity then moved on to something more serious.

“I recall [Phaedra] telling me that it was time for me to be promoted, that she had something else for me to do. And this is when the fraudulent bank accounts came in. More fake IDs, fraudulent checks, this was another scheme.”

Angela claimed that it then became a scheme involving cars.

“The car scheme involved fake identification cards, fake registration cards, going to different luxury car dealerships with the ID and a registration card.”


In her deposition, Angela Stanton even mentioned Phaedra Parks’ now-ex, Apollo Nida, who is currently serving out his prison sentence for fraud.

“From there. I was told that the bank account had to sit for approximately 30 days. After the bank account sit, I got a telephone call from [Parks’ current husband] Apollo. They had a check that was ready for me to deposit into the account. The check was made out to the alias, Tyra Evans, and it was in the amount of $23,000. I rolled with Apollo to the bank and we deposited the check into the bank. It cleared five days later. Where the check came from, I don’t know.”

As viewers saw from Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are still friendly with Apollo Nida. They even communicated with him via the phone while at their Old Lady Gang opening party thanks to Apollo’s fiancee, Sherien Almufti. During the phone call, Apollo blamed Phaedra for his troubles. If Season 10 features both Phaedra and Kandi as housewives again, perhaps it’ll show Kandi and Todd communicate even more with Apollo regarding Phaedra? Or perhaps Kandi and Todd will meet with Sherien again now that they have a common nemesis? As the Inquisitr previously reported, Sherien called out Phaedra on social media as the season aired.

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