‘Pokemon Advanced’ Complete Collection On Home Media Confirmed: 40 Episodes Of Entire Sixth Season On 5 DVDs

Pokemon fans will now be able to buy the complete sixth season of the Pokemon animated series on DVD. The Pokemon Advanced Complete Collection will soon be available on home media, confirmed Viz Media.

Pokemon, the immensely popular Japanese franchise that enjoys a cult-like following, will soon have its entire sixth season, titled Pokemon Advanced on DVD. Viz Media, a prominent company that specializes in the publishing, distribution, entertainment licensing, and intellectual copyright management of Japanese anime and manga, delighted fans of the series by confirming the home media DVD set comprising of all 40 episodes of Pokemon Advanced will be released on May 16.

Although Pokemon Advanced is the sixth season of the Pokemon animated series, it is the first season of the Pokémon The Series: Ruby And Sapphire story arc. The expansive set includes the complete Pokemon Advanced series, featuring a total of 40 episodes on five DVDs. The series has been rated as ‘TV-Y7,’ which essentially means any kid over the age of seven can watch the same without parental supervision. The five DVD set bears a sticker price of $49.99.


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In the sixth season of Pokémon The Series: Ruby And Sapphire story arc, Ash and Pikachu head towards their next exciting and dangerous challenge, This time, the group ventures into the mysterious and far-off Hoenn region. Sadly, the series sees the end of an old friendship. However, while the group says goodbye to old companions, new ones are ready to make fresh alliances. Along the journey, Ash and Pikachu make the acquaintance of May. Incidentally, May is a trainer. However, she is still a novice, and her adventure days are just beginning. May’s younger brother, Max, and their ever-reliable Brock join the Pokemon journey. Together, the pack of Pokémon trainers begins pursuing their dreams. During the challenge, Ash manages to win three gym badges. However, May decides to follow the contest path of a Pokémon Coordinator. The sixth season of the adventures continues with exciting twists.

Pokemon is by far one of the most successful entertainment franchises not only in Japan, but also across the world. Close to 300 million video games, and more than 21 billion trading cards have been sold in over 74 countries. Viz Media is the official North American distributor for a wide variety of Pokemon related products. However, one of the company’s main offerings is home media. Along with the animated series, Viz Media releases films and also publishes a variety of Pokemon manga graphic novel series. The company is jointly owned by three of Japan’s largest publishing and entertainment companies, Shueisha, Inc., Shogakukan, Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co., Ltd.

[Featured Image by Satoshi Tajiri/Pokemon/Viz Media]