Jessa Duggar To Skirt Jinger’s Pants At Ohio Talk?

Jinger Duggar’s wardrobe change to include shorts and pants could see Jessa Seewald face some tough questions next month in Ohio.

The older Duggar daughter is scheduled to speak at a ladies retreat which was earlier set for April. Organized in Middletown on June 24, the talk is exclusively for female-only audiences aged over nine. For $ 20 (or $ 25 if tickets are purchased at the door), fans can also meet the Counting On star. Jessa could have walked the talk a few months ago but now it seems both fans and critics will not make it easy for her.

“How is Jessa going to explain why her sister is now wearing shorts and pants? That is not in line with the Duggar modesty rules,” a fan asked indicating the divide in opinion over whether or not Jessa can successfully explain Jinger wearing pants.

Another comment on the announcement of the speaking event on the Duggar Family Fan Blog reads, “Good question. Kind of blows a giant hole through the tenet of ‘We wear skirts because we’re girls. We’re so used to wearing skirts that we can do anything in them.'”

When Jinger Duggar was first seen in shorts while in Texas with her husband Jeremy Vuolo, many who wished to see the Duggar girls in anything but dresses encouraged her. On the other hand, those who disapproved of it blamed her for setting aside what they perceive as modest dressing norms adopted by the Duggar family. Setting aside the criticism, Jinger was later photographed in pants on at least two occasions with her husband by her side.

Jinger wearing pants also put her sisters, mainly Jessa Duggar, in the line of fan fire as the Inquisitr had reported earlier. Considered until then as the most fashionable Duggar girl, Jessa was criticized for her appearance when the Duggar girls were out in Waco, Texas last month. While Jinger received adulation for exercising her choice by not just wearing pants but also not getting pregnant within the first few months of her wedding, Jessa was lampooned.

Fans believe that Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger’s husband, is approving of her wearing pants and the couple being far away from Arkansas, where the Duggars live, may also be making it easier for Jinger who opts to wear skirts when her parents are around. The Duggars were visiting a bridal wear designer in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky reportedly for Joy-Anna’s wedding gown where Jinger was photographed in a dress.

“So basically the whole ‘we don’t want to wear pants and can do anything in skirts’ is crap! As soon as Jinger got married she started to wear pants,’ a comment on the Duggars And Bates Confessions Tumblr page reads. ‘I feel that Jessa would also love to wear pants but she doesn’t because she lives too close to her parents house and well Joy, I always thought she would be more into pants then skirts. Too bad she’s with someone like her father who wouldn’t allow her. But go Jinger!'”

Quiverfull families including the Duggars, have been criticized for their views on women’s dressing for requiring them to adhere to norms set either by a woman’s father or husband after marriage. While Jeremy Vuolo has indicated lenient views towards women’s clothing, it remains to be seen if Jessa can convincingly explain away her sister’s choices at the talk.

“I think she does need to explain because we all know full well that the family modesty lifestyle rules began with modest clothing, which meant below-the-knee skirts for girls, period. I’d love to hear Jessa explain in her own words why it’s OK now for any Duggar (or even former Duggar) girl to wear pants. Or maybe why it’s not OK, and Jinger has already taken heat for it?”

[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official/Facebook]