‘God Of War 4’ PS4 Release Date Leaks Point To 2017 And 2018, Which Is True?

God of War 4’s PS4 release has been awaited ever since it was announced. It has been four years now since the launch of the last installment in the series, so it is high time for a new one to keep the franchise going. Sony has not yet announced a specific release date, but recent leaks point to it being near.

God of War 4 2017 Release Date

A leak from a retailer might have unintentionally revealed the launch date of the video game. According to WWG, the Portuguese store Gaming Replay already the listed God of War 4 on its website along with some interesting details.

God of War 4 is listed to be arriving this year, specifically on September 14. It is a little earlier than expected, so there is some doubt that this is legit. Furthermore, the date falls on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday, which is when games are expected.

However, reports have an explanation for that. European releases are said to happen on Thursdays usually, whereas it is a Tuesday in the U.S. This could mean that America will receive it early, like on September 12, before it goes on sale in Europe, but that remains to be seen.

Another hint that supports this leak is that it does not seem to be a placeholder date, which tends to be more generic. When retailers use a placeholder date, they commonly use the end of the month. So there is a high possibility that God of War 4 is indeed arriving in September.

God of War 4 2018 Release Date

Another recent leak conflicts with the information given above. It is quite hard to tell which one to believe as this most recent rumor comes directly from a God of War 4 actor. And not just any actor, he is the voice of Kratos himself.

Kratos and his son Atreus in God of War 4 teaser [Image by Sony Interactive Entertainment]

Christopher Judge revealed in his Twitter bio that God of War 4 is arriving in 2018. It is different from the leak above and even from what was listed before in his bio. Earlier in March, PlayStation Lifestyle spotted the actor’s bio containing a 2017 launch date for the video game.

There are two possibilities here. The game might have been originally planned for 2017 and the Portuguese retailer has not been updated yet on the new plans, or Judge does not really know when the game will be released. Nevertheless, he seems to be a reliable source of information when it comes to God of War 4, so fans may now be looking at a 2018 release.

There are no other details apart from the year, but it is speculated that if Kratos himself says it is coming in 2018, then it might be in March. It is the month when a God of War title is usually launched, so this speculation holds some weight.

God of War 4 E3 2017

What fans can be sure about is that Sony is showcasing more of God of War 4 on the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that happens yearly in June. According to game director Cody Balrog, the game is progressing well. He said that things are looking better and better, which might mean that fans will see a glimpse of the game’s beauty at the event.

It is likely that more of Kratos and his son Atreus will be featured in a gameplay where they face enemies together. Sony might also reveal some parts of the story during E3, but it cannot be confirmed yet.

The conference happens on June 13 – 15 at Los Angeles Convention Center, California. It will also feature Call of Duty: WW2 and Splatoon 2, as what the Inquisitr previously discussed.

For more God of War 4 news, stay tuned for updates.

[Featured Image by Sony Interactive Entertainment]

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