Rihanna: The Alleged Reason She Called Chris Brown On Birthday Amid Sexting Rumors

Rihanna reportedly told Chris Brown she still loved him during a brief FaceTime call on the singer’s birthday.

According to Hollywood Life, it’s been an up and down friendship with Rihanna and the R&B singer, who’ve tried to remain on good terms after ending their relationship back in 2013.

In recent months, however, it’s been looking like Chris and Rihanna are on much better terms, with Breezy even taking to Instagram and liking his ex-girlfriend’s photos, before congratulating Rihanna’s mother, Monica, on her recent birthday.

After that, it was claimed that Rihanna was giving friends her impression she was interested in reconciling with Chris, especially after having engaged in a raunchy session of sexting with the “Party” hitmaker, as revealed by the IBTimes.

While it’s unclear on whether the couple will ever get back together, Rihanna has continued to hint that she wouldn’t rule out a possible reunion because she took the time to call Brown on his birthday to not only congratulate him but also let it be known that she still loves him.

The FaceTime call was rather short, Hollywood Life alleges, adding that Rihanna just found it important to let Chris know that she still cares, and she most definitely appreciated him reaching out when it was her mother’s birthday, where he took to his Instagram page to share his good wishes.

“Rih was not about to let this day go by without hitting Chris up on his birthday,” a source tells the outlet. “They FaceTimed and when he picked up she immediately started singing him happy birthday. He was speechless.”

The insider continued to add that the conversation was anything but awkward between the two. Rihanna felt in her zone when she started singing to her former flame, which somewhat overwhelmed Chris, considering all that they’ve been through. To know that they still have a relationship of some sort seemed to have moved him.

“His eyes lit up and he had the biggest smile on his face. He was bobbing his head when she was singing and when she was done he was like wow. They talked briefly and she told him I love you.”

Of course, the chances of Rihanna getting back with Chris are slim to none, as the “Diamonds” singer’s friends have already warned her not to entertain the potential chance of a reunion, reportedly stressing that reconciling with Breezy would have severe consequences.

With all the success that Rihanna has had as of late, from music to fashion and movies, her team is worried that by getting back with Chris Brown, she could potentially experience the biggest career downfall, and that’s the last thing Rihanna would want, even as much as she may want to be with Chris.

Besides, Brown is in no mind to even think about reconciling with Rihanna, for he is currently dealing with the restraining order from ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who has shockingly claimed that she fears for her life when around the singer.

According to TMZ, Karrueche says Chris has physically abused her on multiple occasions, ultimately causing the relationship to end when it did in 2014.

Karrueche is looking for immediate protection from Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend, especially since he has still been in contact with her, allegedly making threats that have left the socialite unsettled.

Do you think Rihanna’s team is right in wanting to keep her away from Brown?

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]