‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Spoilers: First Look At Creepy Election-Themed Season

American Horror Story Season 7 is right around the corner, and fans aren’t sure what to expect from the election-themed batch of episodes. However, this week the show’s creator Ryan Murphy released a little teaser for fans to sink their teeth into, and it’s terrifying.

According to People Magazine, Ryan Murphy took to Instagram to reveal a creepy creature which will be a part of Season 7 of the franchise. The American Horror Story creator shared a scary sketch of a terrifying elephant monster, revealing that the photo was a “Season 7 tease.” Since the next season of the show will be set during the 2016 presidential election, it seems that the elephant creature could be a play on the Republican Party’s symbol.

Meanwhile, very little has been revealed about American Horror Story Season 7. The only cast members confirmed have been Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourde, and Billy Eichner. The show’s other actors such as Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett are also expected to return, but there has been no word on the remaining cast members’ involvement for the upcoming season.

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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Recently, Ryan Murphy told E! Online that some fans believe Sarah Paulson would be playing Hillary Clinton, but that is not the case.

“I think people literally think Sarah Paulson is playing Hillary Clinton, and I wanted to clarify that that is not true. Horror Story is always about allegory, so the election is allegory. It’s our jumping off point. It is about the election we just went through and what happened on that night and the fallout of that night, which to many people, from all sides of the camps is a horror story. And you know, that show is always so fun when it’s about the zeitgeist and what we’re doing now.”

Ryan Murphy also went on to say that there will be no actors playing Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but that they will be seen on television. Ryan also adds that the opening moments of American Horror Story Season 7 will be a very creepy story about what happens to the characters on election night as they watch the events of the night unfold.

“We don’t have actors playing them. You’ll see them on television. The first 10 minutes of the season, this season, takes place in a very eerie macabre way on election night and there’s something terrible that happens in the lives of our characters on election night as they’re watching it all go down. Which in itself was a horror story, so it’s like a horror story upon a horror story.”

Meanwhile, rumors are flying that American Horror Story alum Jessica Lange may return to the franchise. While Lange may not be seen in Season 7’s election-themed episodes, Murphy has revealed that he’s working on a Murder House and Coven crossover season, which could bring back the actress. Since Jessica Lange was a huge part of both seasons, it seems only fitting that she returns to reprise at least one of her fan favorite roles for the crossover season, whenever that may happen. While Lange, who most recently starred as Joan Crawford in Murphy’s series Feud, says he has “no plans” to return to the show, Ryan Murphy thinks he can make it happen.

“I think she would [return] if I bribed her enough, you know? I haven’t really talked to her about it at all because we are still figuring out that story, but I think we do want to do that.”

American Horror Story Season 7 is expected to begin airing on FX this fall.

What are your thoughts on the latest American Horror Story spoilers and the first look at Season 7’s creepy creature?

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