WWE Rumors: Creative Plans Revealed For Chris Jericho’s WWE Return, Rivalry With Kevin Owens Will Continue

Chris Jericho was written off WWE television after an attack by Kevin Owens on SmackDown Live, but that is all part of the plan for whenever Y2J returns to WWE. Kevin Owens also reclaimed the United States Title less than 48 hours after losing it to Jericho at WWE Payback. The WWE Universe wasn’t sure what to make of the title change at the time, but it’s clear now that it was a plan to make Jericho’s exit exciting.

It’s been rumored for months that Chris Jericho’s run with WWE would be coming to an end sooner rather than later. The WWE Universe was expecting Y2J’s run to come to end immediately after Wrestlemania 33, but it was extended through WWE Payback to end the rivalry with Kevin Owens on a specific note. There is a lot of speculation about when Jericho will return to WWE, but WWE fans have a loose timeline to follow.

On paper, the WWE Universe is hoping Jericho returns to SmackDown before WWE Summerslam, but he could take more time off from WWE television depending on his tour with Fozzy. Based on the way Jericho was written off television this week, most people are expecting the rivalry with Owens to continue whenever Y2J returns to WWE. It’s now being reported what WWE fans can expect from Jericho when he returns.

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Apparently, the feud between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens isn’t over yet. It’s being said that Jericho will return to SmackDown before the end of the year to seek retribution against Kevin Owens for the attack that just happened this week. Jericho and Owens being on separate brands heading into WWE Payback hurt the build of their match at the PPV. Because of that, the injury angle didn’t feel like the final note of their feud.

The WWE Universe expected Jericho to put over Owens on his way out the door, which is exactly what Y2J did last week on SmackDown. Now, Owens will focus entirely on his rivalry with AJ Styles, who is arguably the top babyface for the “blue brand.” Owens and Styles will compete for the United States Title, which will add a great deal of prestige to the midcard title that many people overlook. Their feud is expected to last for a long time, so if the rumors of Jericho returning before WWE Summerslam are true, Y2J will be involved.

It’s unclear if the Jericho vs. Owens rivalry will continue over the United States Title, but their dynamic is so much deeper than simply feuding over championships. Their “friendship” did a lot to establish Kevin Owens as a top guy in WWE. Many fans complain about Owens winning most of his title matches with interference, but Jericho’s involvement put a lot of heat on the former with each PPV that passed with him as champion.

Kevin Owens is Expected to Regain the US Title Tonight
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On paper, that’s why Kevin Owens betraying Chris Jericho had such an impact. Owens owed a great deal of his success to Jericho, but he needed to prove that he can be successful on his own. They traded the United States Championship back and forth until Owens put Jericho on the shelf. Now, he has the opportunity to stand on his own against AJ Styles and others while Chris Jericho is on hiatus for the next few months.

There is a lot more to do between the two men, and their feud hasn’t had an appropriate ending. Y2J getting retribution against Owens seems to be the only logical way for the rivalry to conclude. It will be awhile before Chris Jericho is back on WWE television. For now, the WWE Universe needs to be patient for his return.

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