‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Predictions: What To Expect From The New Season

House of Cards returns to Netflix for its fifth season this month. Whilst new seasons of the Kevin Spacey political thriller have typically aired in February and March, a recent change at the top of the show’s production team has pushed back the release of House of Cards Season 5. But what should we expect from the new season?

This post contains potential spoilers for House of Cards Season 5.

Frank’s presidency will take a dark turn towards dictatorship

According to the Independent, a trailer released for the new season last week gave us a first glimpse of how Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) intends to govern in the upcoming season. In the trailer, Frank hints that his presidency will transition into a dictatorship, promising countless terms of Underwood rule, despite being limited to just two four-year terms by the Constitution.

“The American people don’t know what’s best for them. I do. I know exactly what they need,” he tells Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). “They’re like little children, Claire. We have to hold their sticky fingers and wipe their filthy mouths. Teach them right from wrong. Tell what to think and how to feel and what to want. They even need help writing their wildest dreams. Crafting their worst fears. Lucky for them, they have me. They have you.”

“Underwood, 2016. 2020. 2024. 2028. 2032. 2036. One nation, Underwood,” he continues.

‘House of Cards’ stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

Claire is now equal to Frank

Throughout House of Cards’ four-season run, Claire has been a close confidant of her husband, however, she became a lot more than that in the last season. After Claire became Frank’s vice presidential running mate and effectively a heartbeat away from the presidency in Season 4, she also broke the fourth wall by looking into the camera along with Frank for the first time.

However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, their partnership might not last all too long. We already know that Claire has her own political ambitions and as vice president, the only thing standing between her and the most powerful office in the world is her husband, Frank. With that in mind, it’s now a very real possibility that House of Cards Season 5 will see Claire kill off her husband and for the first time and take the lead as the show’s main protagonist.


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A major death is definitely on the cards

House of Cards is no stranger to killing off some of its biggest characters. In the show’s second season, Frank unexpectedly pushed his political ally and love interest Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) in front of a train. With that in mind, it’ll be no surprise if the writers of House of Cards kill off another major character in the upcoming fifth season.

In an interview with Deadline, actor Michael Kelly, who plays Frank’s aide Doug Stamper in the political thriller hinted that another death is on the cards.

“You lose characters that you love. We almost lost Frank, and I always have faith in the writers that no matter what road we go down, we’re going to come back to what the show is,” he said. “I feel like any big changes that have happened on the show, it’s always well-warranted or well-deserved, that the audience will get it. They might have to wait longer than on your typical TV show, but they will bring you back.”

House of Cards’ entire fifth season will premiere on Netflix on May 30.

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