YesJulz N-Word Controversy: ‘Queen Of Snapchat’ Under Fire For Using Racial Slur, Career Could Be In Jeopardy

YesJulz has sparked considerable backlash after the so-called “Queen of Snapchat” used a racial slur in a tweet, prompting a reaction that has already put a dent in her career.

The social media star, whose real name is Julieanna Goddard, tweeted a picture of a T-shirt that had the words “N***as lie a lot” written on it. YesJulz asked in the tweet if it would be appropriate if she wore the shirt, but what appeared to be a joke ended up sparking a backlash from fans. Many called her out, noting that YesJulz had made a career out of appropriating black culture and appearing with rappers and in videos and now seemed so flip about using a racial slur.

YesJulz soon deleted the tweet, but screenshots still circulated across social media.

YesJulz also tried to explain her actions, tweeting, “Guys, I was calling out some1 who suggested that I wear this t-shirt he made. I clearly wouldn’t wear it. That was what the tweet meant. Sorry if I offended anyone, that was and never is my intention.”

YesJulz, who is one of the most popular brand advertisers on Snapchat, had already seen her career take a hit because of the controversy. The uTOpia Music Fest in Toronto promptly dropped YesJulz as one of its hosts, releasing a statement noting that her actions did not reflect the positivity the festival was trying to promote.

YesJulz was also dropped as a host of the Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose (WIPP) summit, with a representative telling The Fader that her insensitive tweet went against the organization’s purpose.

“We are here to empower women through our content and have no tolerance for racial insensitivity,” the representative noted.

This is not the first time that YesJulz has found her way into controversy. Last August, she made headlines when a sex tape hit social media and quickly went vital. YesJulz reportedly had nothing to do with the release of the sex tape, but it still managed to harm a career that is based entirely around her public image.

As Bossip noted, the sex tape had the potential to make her advertisers wary about continuing a relationship with her.

“Her deals with Puma and Pacsun, to name a few, could potentially suffer. With the footage being a top trending topic at the hour, and Julz going radio silent on all social platforms — switching to private — memes and commentary are naturally being made right and left.”

It wasn’t clear if YesJulz lost any advertisement deals as a result of the sex tape, however.

As a social media influencer — a young and attractive social media star who uses their popularity and giant following to promote products and events — YesJulz has made a career off her reputation.

In a 2016 profile, the Huffington Post called her “the Queen of Snapchat” and another profile from the New York Times noted how quickly her star was on the rise.

“In doing so, she has accrued a social media fan base including more than 365,000 followers on Instagram, 111,000 on Twitter, and 8,800 on Facebook. But it is her Snapchat figure that has set her apart as the latest iteration of the social media star. Unlike the other three platforms, Snapchat does not post the number of followers on a user’s page. According to her publicist, she has 300,000 viewers (a figure that Snapchat would neither confirm nor deny).”

It’s not yet clear how much the n-word scandal could continue to hurt YesJulz in her career. The social media star is still promoting other events through her Instagram page, and there is no word yet on whether any of her endorsement deals have been taken away.

[Featured Image by Instagram/YesJulz]