Did Robert Plant Just Confirm A Led Zeppelin Reunion?

Led Zeppelin is the one reunion fans have been holding out hope for through recent years, even amid other classic rock reunions, but it never seemed to materialize. Now, as Led Zeppelin nears a milestone, the band’s 50th anniversary, hope for that reunion has been restored. A vague message shared by none other than former Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has evoked renewed interest in a reunion for the band, and, in light of the upcoming anniversary, the timing seems to suggest Led Zeppelin might finally come back together for one final journey.

Robert Plant Hints at a Led Zeppelin Reunion

Not one to leak too much information, Billboard reports that Plant left a very cryptic message on his website consisting of just three words.

“Any time now…” was all Robert’s website posting said.

While Plant’s message is certainly cryptic and doesn’t mention Led Zeppelin, or its members, by name, fans feel sure that Robert is alluding to an impending reunion for the classic rock band. The rumors have already grown into elaborate theories with many Zeppelin fans presuming that AEG Presents will be organizing a Led Zeppelin reunion in time to mark the special 50th anniversary in 2018.

Previously, AEG Presents organized the Desert Trip festival in Indio, California, which brought The Rolling Stones and Roger Waters together for a two-weekend event. That festival grossed $160 million.

Last month, Gary Tovar, a former rep for AEG Presents, also hinted at the possibility of a Zeppelin reunion concert.

“We’d like to bring up the Led [Zeppelin], if you know what I mean,” Tovar said, hinting that the event organizer was already in talks with Robert Plant and the other remaining Led Zeppelin founders.

While fans would like to take these recent remarks as proof that their dream is coming true, it may be too early to tell. The remaining band members, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones, haven’t signed on for a reunion of any kind with AEG Presents, so it’s all still conjecture.

Sources close to Plant further derail hopes of a Led Zeppelin reunion, suggesting that Plant’s “any time now” post might be referring to a new album, not to any impending concert plans.

Led Zeppelin Could Still Reunite Without Robert Plant

While there may be any number of reasons preventing a Led Zeppelin reunion, NME suggests that the problem of a Robert Plant hold-out may be solved without the legendary singer. Adam Lambert, who has made a career filling in for Queen’s late Freddie Mercury, revealed a hidden desire to join Led Zeppelin on tour.

When first asked about the possibility of fronting another band, Lambert said he felt that singing with Queen was a lifetime dream come true, so hoping to recreate that fantasy with another act might be pressing his luck. Pressed further on the possibility, Lambert gave Led Zeppelin fans new hope.

“I’ve got the full fantasy so I don’t know if I would even attempt to do another,” said Lambert. “I don’t know, that’s a big question, I mean I would love to sing some Led Zeppelin.”

Whether or not Adam ultimately joins Led Zeppelin on the road, with or without Robert Plant, he still has his hands full with a new Queen tour. The band will be embarking on an ambitious U.K. and European tour, which has been inspired by Queen’s News of the World album.

“We’re trying to put in different context and give different visuals or companions to them,” says Lambert. “Its going to be fun, I’m excited for the challenge of tweaking the whole show and making it feel new.”

While the visual experience may be different, Lambert promises Queen fans will still get to experience their favorite songs from the band’s classic albums.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]