Netflix News: When ‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Will Start Streaming [Video]

Supernatural Season 12 is coming to Netflix much sooner than many fans may have thought. With new contract negotiations and streaming rights having been enhanced, Supernatural fans may just get a big surprise in their Netflix list real soon.

For those who have been watching Supernatural Seasons 1 through 11 on Netflix for the past several years, you know all too well that the painful wait and the constant avoidance of online spoilers is a painstakingly difficult task. Believe it or not, there is a whole host of people in the United States that hold off watching Supernatural on The CW, instead opting for a one- to two-day binge of the popular horror show on Netflix.

This is actually the case with many TV shows that have a yearly rotation on Netflix. Supernatural is one among many shows on The CW that have a yearly rotation on new seasons being offered on the streaming platform. There is no indication that any of these shows will be making their way off the platform anytime soon either.

For those of you who have been waiting to watch Season 12 of Supernatural on Netflix, rest assured that this article will remain spoiler free of that content. But you should be warned that if you have not seen Season 11 of Supernatural, then you might only want to skim this article because there are spoilers coming up about that season and when Season 12 of Supernatural will premiere on Netflix.

In past seasons of Supernatural, the yearly churn has been to wait about four to five months before releasing the most current season on Netflix. But this year, that has all changed, according to a report on What’s on Netflix.

Before we get into the specifics, here is the preliminary information that you need to know about Netflix, The CW, and Supernatural. What you need to know is that last year, there was a contract that was expiring and The CW was poised to pull its programming from Netflix, which would have included Supernatural. But that’s all in the past now and a new deal has not only saved Supernatural on Netflix streaming, but also given more power to it.

As previously reported, the most current season of Supernatural did not release until October, which was a just a few days before the new season of Supernatural premiered on The CW. Fans were not happy about that because they did not have enough time to catch up on the continuity of the stories on Supernatural.

But now, under the new deal between Netflix and The CW, Supernatural Season 12 will fall under a new protocol which brings the most current season (Season 12) to Netflix in eight days. That does not mean eight days from right now, but rather eight days after the Season 12 finale of Supernatural.

So here is the timeline for Season 12 of Supernatural. With 23 episodes in Season 12, that leaves three episodes left and the finale will air on The CW on May 18. For those who are doing the math, you should know that the final two episodes air on the same night, so that is why it adds up differently.

With a May 18 finale date, Season 12 of Supernatural should be arriving on Netflix on May 26, if the most recent reports hold up and the deal between The CW and Netflix is authentic.

For those who need a little refresher as to where Season 12 of Supernatural picks up, then you should remember that Dean prevailed with The Darkness is Season 11 by appealing to its humanity. In return, Amara returned Dean and Sam Winchester’s mother. But Sam was not present when it happened because he was busy being shot by a British operative for the Men of Letters.

Check out the trailer for Season 12 of Supernatural below. It is spoiler free.

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