State Wants Abby Lee Miller To Do Prison Time For Fraud

Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller recently plead guilty to hiding nearly $800,000 in assets from the federal government after she declared bankruptcy, and she could be facing a lengthy sentence in jail - 30 months to be exact. And now it appears that the state of Pennsylvania wants Abby Lee Miller behind bars for what she did.

The state of Pennsylvania has also said that Miller intended to harm creditors in at least $356,466.52 worth of debt, and has been found guilty of concealing $28,837.06 worth of revenue from her Master Class series.

The reality TV star also failed to report income earned overseas.

Court papers were quoted in Radar Online, which show that the state is leaning toward locking her up.
"The court should find that Ms. Miller's intended loss is zero. In the 'absence of any pecuniary harm to a victim,' a District Court should not attempt to punish a defendant with a 'more severe loss calculation," it reads.
The papers also made further statements.
"Miller is responsible for all the economic harm identified in the charged counts that a financial gain is an alternatively provable theory of intended loss."
Abby Lee Miller will be sentenced on May 8. Originally, many though the dance teacher would simply be paroled, however, at times, judges seek to make examples of celebrities and will go harder on them, as has been the case in other high profile criminal issues.

But the famous dance teacher is ready to undergo a life changing transformation, whether or not she spends time in jail. Abby Lee Miller recently underwent weight-loss surgery to staple 80 percent of her stomach, meaning that she will be losing weight rapidly over the next several months. If she does get jail time, she will emerge from the penitentiary looking unrecognizable.

Abby Lee Miller documented the whole thing on YouTube, allowing fans to get the inside scoop on exactly what happened during the 45 minute procedure.

The reality star doesn't have the nicest things to say about her employers on Dance Moms, especially after she quit the show with a caustic Instagram post, leaving her to be replaced by Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke. While many of the dancers who have gone head-to-head with Abby Lee Miller were happy to see her go, others, like Brynn Rumfallo, also decided that they could no longer compete on the team if Abby was no longer their fearless leader.

Rumors swirled that Abby Lee Miller left the show due to anticipated jail time, but she says that isn't the case. Instead, she has stated that the show was bad for her mental and physical health.

She even stated that Dance Moms was one of the major reasons she remained overweight for so long.

"'I tried to be vegan, let's say hashtag, almost vegan, but even on the TV show they would laugh in my face. They didn't care if I was trying to be vegan, [producers would] hand me a hoagie sandwich or Italian sub from somewhere. I'm like, 'What is this, lunch meat? I can't eat this!'

"I felt for seven seasons that someone else was in control of my life - telling me when I could eat and what I could eat and when I could use the ladies' room.

"When you're so busy shooting 12 hours a day, you just eat what someone sticks in front of you."

Whether Abby Lee Miller faces jail time or not, it will be an interesting next few months for the famous dance teacher. She is currently attempting to pitch a scripted series about dance and intends to take some of the team from Abby Lee Dance Company with her.

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