'Mommy’s Prison Secret’: LMN Movie, AKA ‘Early Release,’ Airs Friday, Starring Kelli Williams

LMN is debuting an all-new movie called Mommy's Prison Secret. This exciting feature film is directed by John L'Ecuyer. Mommy's Prison Secret, also known as Early Release, is about a mother who did time in jail but was able to get her life back on track until an old prison cell buddy comes to town with a plan to destroy her. Lifetime Movie Network's thriller stars Kelli Williams as Taylor Reynolds, Niamh Wilson as Bianca Reynolds, Sara Boylan as Meghan Flanagan, Conrad Coates as Blake Peterson, Justin Mader as Jeff Reynolds, Darren Eisnor as Neil Garland, and Leni Parker as Lenni Page.

Lifetime Movie Network: Mommy's Prison Secret Synopsis

Taylor Bennett is loving her life. But when she sits down one evening to have dinner with her family, she has no way of predicting how a knock at the door will change her life. It's not a dinner guest. It's Meghan Flanagan, an ex-con who knew Taylor Bennett years prior. In shock and not knowing what to do next, Taylor invites her old friend inside and introduces her to her husband, Jeff, and her daughter, Bianca.

An impromptu visit turns into an unplanned stay as Meghan becomes comfortable in her new home. However, there is something that Taylor hasn't told her daughter and husband. Meghan is not just an old friend; she is an ex-convict who spent time in prison. And there's more -- Taylor was her cellmate.

That's right. Taylor was once in prison after she was convicted of driving under the influence and drug possession. And there is a reason that she was released early, a reason that she failed to divulge to her family members.

For Taylor, Meghan's visit is a real-life nightmare. She has fought so hard to put her life back on track and become a respectable member of society once again. Now, all of her hard work is about to be shattered as Meghan pulls Taylor back into a life of crime. With time running out, Taylor needs to do whatever she has to do to save her family.

Kelli Williams Bio via Hallmark Channel
"Kelli Williams is best known for her starring role as ambitious attorney Lindsay Dole in the acclaimed television drama The Practice. Her most recent television appearance was in the NBC series, Medical Investigation and she has guest starred on numerous series including Law & Order, Third Watch, Scrubs and Lyons's Den. Williams' TV movie credits include Flowers for Algernon, Sweetwater, The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story, Lifepod, For Their Own Good and Mary and Tim with Candice Bergen. Williams made her feature film debut in There Goes My Baby and later appeared in the independent film E=MC2. She currently resides in her native Los Angeles with her husband and three children."
Actress and Canadian filmmaker Sara Boylan, who also goes by the name Sarain Boylan, is most known for her roles in Saw IV, Lost, Girl, Orphan Black, Bon Cop Bad Cop, and Bleacher Bums.

Mommy's Prison Secret (Early Release) is produced by Incendo Productions with Ian Whitehead on board as producer and Jean Bureau as executive producer. Bella Media also participated in the production process. Mommy's Prison Secret was shot on location in Montreal, Canada, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

The LMN movie Mommy's Prison Secret should not be confused with a movie that aired last year titled Mommy's Secret. Incendo Productions, one of the main leaders in television production in Canada, will release several upcoming movies of the week this year.

Mommy's Prison Secret will air this Friday, May 5, at 8/7 p.m. Central on the Lifetime Movie Network Channel.

[Featured Image by Incendo Productions]