Jana Duggar Doesn't Have Social Media But Her Fans Would Love It If She Did

Part of the incredibly strict Duggar family rules state that the unmarried or unengaged Duggar kids do not have social media accounts and because of that, Jana Duggar is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter free. In order to see updates on one of the favorite Duggar sisters, Counting On fans have to rely on her parents to post them to the "Duggar Family Official" Facebook page or hope she pops up on Jinger or Jessa's pages.

The latest Jana Duggar sighting has many fans wishing the still-unmarried 27-year old 19 Kids and Counting star was able to have her own social media so they could see more of the family caretaker. On Wednesday, the Duggars shared a picture of Jana and John-David to the Facebook page, pointing out how much they love the first set of Duggar twins.


Jana Duggar fans went wild in the comments, talking about how beautiful she is and how they can't believe she still hasn't been married off yet. It's no secret that an effort to set Jana up with Tim Tebow has been going on for a while now, but that suggestion just doesn't seem to be taking hold. Considering how well-liked Jana is, there has to be a long line of suitors waiting to win the hand of Jana Duggar in marriage.

"Jana is so beautiful. I have seen her grow up to be such a beautiful young and classy lady. John David is such a handsome guy. Thank you for sharing. I love you Duggar family," wrote one commenter while another wrote, "The beauty on the outside matches the beauty on the inside. A loving heart and an open mind... The possibilities for these two are endless."

While Jim Bob and Michelle haven't said anything about why Jana is wasting away at home while her sisters are off getting engaged, getting married and getting social media accounts of their own, many have theorized that it's because her help is still needed. After all, there are still quite a few young Duggar kids running around and Michelle can only do so much, right?

It's worth noting that Jana isn't the only unmarried adult Duggar child. Her twin brother, John-David, is also still single, but no one seems to be worried about finding him a mate and getting him freed up to open a social media account. No, they want to see Jana, who has quickly become a fan favorite due to her huge heart and her love of serving and taking care of her family. Can someone who meets the Duggar standards step up and marry this beautiful woman already?


It seems that marriage would be something that the Duggar parents want their daughters to do relatively early, considering that a huge part of the Quiverful movement that they belong to is the belief that they should "go forth and multiply" as often as possible in order to have an army of little Christian kids.

In addition to the theory that the Duggars are holding Jana back because they need her is another possibility to explain away Jana's old maid status. Is it possible that the 27-year old Duggar beauty can't have kids? She's at prime childbearing age and if Jana were to want as many kids as her mother Michelle, she's already years behind.


Jessa Duggar is three years younger than Jana at 24-years old and already has two children with her husband Ben Seewald. Likewise, Jinger Duggar is only 23-years old and now that she's finally married (and wearing pants) Duggar fans can't wait for her to announce a pregnancy and have been waiting for months for her to do it. There's even 25-year old Jill Duggar, who married Derick Dillard, had one baby and is expecting her second child now.

So what's up with Jana Duggar, who is years older than her other two sisters and seems to be wasting the best childbearing years of her life as she stays back at home while taking care of her younger siblings. Do you want to see more Jana Duggar? Who should the Duggar daughter date and marry so she can have her own social media accounts for the fans to enjoy?

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