Jade Roper And Tanner Tolbert Reveal Baby’s Gender: Do The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Have A Name Picked?

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert first found love on Bachelor in Paradise, then came marriage, and now, the Tolbert’s are expecting a bundle of joy this September. Jade is halfway through her pregnancy, and a little more than a week ago, she and Tanner shared they found out the sex of their baby. After telling their families first, Jade and Tanner are finally sharing their exciting news with Bachelor fans.

People shared the news of Jade and Tanner’s gender reveal, and it looks like the Tolbert’s are having a sweet baby girl. Jade and Tanner made a video documenting the day they had their all-telling sonogram. Tanner was dressed in blue for the appointment, but he announced he felt like his gut was telling him it would be a girl. Tolbert did admit he wants a boy and a girl, so he jokingly shared he will be making Jade keep trying until they have at least one little boy.

When the moment arrived, Tanner shared that knowing the baby was a girl made the pregnancy 100 percent real to him. He and Jade both shared how excited they were, and Jade was almost crying. Prior to the reveal, Jade and Tanner shared a photo on Instagram which showed Jade’s emotion as she and Tanner sat next to the sonogram picture. The couple was asking fans to guess if they thought it was a boy or a girl.


The video released also shared how Tanner and Jade revealed the big news to the new grandparents. Since their parents are divorced, Jade prepared four boxes filled with pink memorabilia to make their announcement. With the exception of Tanner’s dad, Jade mailed the packages out and caught the reactions of each parent over video chat. Each was excited to be having a new granddaughter.

US Weekly also shared news of the gender announcement. In a previous interview after finding out she was pregnant, Jade had said that Tanner was hoping for a boy. She said, “[Tanner] wants a boy and is pretty adamant. I feel like most guys are like that. But I feel like if we have a girl, he will be wrapped around her finger.”

Now that Jade and Tanner know they will be welcoming a daughter in September, do they have a name picked out? Tanner posted a photo to Instagram of his little girl’s head from the sonogram, and said, “I hope she looks like her mama…” A fan asked the couple in the comments when they would be revealing the name they have chosen. Tanner and Jade had already revealed prior to the sonogram they had solidified a girl’s name. Jade responded to the fan and said, “Keeping it a secret until she’s born!” It looks like Bachelor nation will have to wait until September to find out her name.


Tanner and Jade met in the summer of 2015 during season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. They had an instant connection and were inseparable for their entire stay on the beaches of Mexico. On the season finale, Tanner proposed to Jade, and the two were married in January 2016. Fans were able to see this fan favorite couple wed on television and have waited over a year now for the Tolbert’s to announce a pregnancy.

Jade and Tanner began building their dream house several months ago, and then in March, they announced Jade was expecting. The couple continues to reside in the Kansas City area, where they are happily awaiting the completion of their home and the arrival of their daughter.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jade, Tanner, and baby Janner as her due date draws closer. The new season of Bachelor in Paradise will be premiering on ABC in early August.

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