Chris Brown And Rihanna Dating Again? Instagram Thinks So

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna dating again? That is the question on the minds of many Brown and Rihanna fans after the former couple were caught in a close embrace this week on Instagram.

Rihanna (pictured above with Brown) can be seen in a pair of white hot pants as she cradles Chris Brown’s head in her arms like a massive abusive baby.

Chris Brown and Rihanna broke up on Grammy night 2009 after the R&B singer punched Rihanna hard in the face following a dispute, the punch(s) left Rihanna with a black eye and an ended relationship.

Throughout 2012 speculation over Rihanna’s relationship with Brown has grown as the former couple have been spotted at many of the same venues but with different groups of people. Brown and Rihanna were also caught exchange a quick kiss during the MTV VMAs.

Recently Rihanna sent a pre-Thanksgiving tweet about her plans to spend the holiday with Chris Brown in Berlin.

While all of these recent tweets, photos and videos appear to show Chris Brown and Rihanna dating again, we’ll believe it when we see her turn up at the Grammy’s with two black eyes and a neck harness.

In the meantime the controversy surrounding both singers has not hurt either artists career. Since 2009 both Rihanna and Brown have went on to sell millions of albums while Brown has gained further critical acclaim for his R&B performances.

Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna are doomed for a repeat of 2009 or has Brown finally learned his lesson.