Photos Of Melania Wearing Fur Go Viral After First Lady Swears Off Real Fur

Now that Melania Trump's thank you letter to Pamela Anderson for a black Russian faux fur coat that the former Baywatch star sent the first lady is making news, as reported by the Daily Mail, so are photos of Melania in fur coats over the years. Anderson sent Melania the black faux lamb fur coat, including a vegan belt, for Melania to wear with her famous blue outfit on President Donald Trump's Inauguration Day. Anderson is a fervent supporter of animal rights and works with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (aka PETA).

Melania Knauss in 2002. [Image by Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images]

The letter from Melania to Pamela was dated April 20, thanking her for the eco-faux fur coat. According to CNN, searching for "Melania Trump and fur" results in lots of photos of Melania wearing fur in the past, which can be seen throughout this article.

Melania has worn fur coats as diverse as the brown fur coat with an A-line type of swing (seen in photos below) to other fur coats that resemble black and gray chinchilla furs. As reported by CNN, Melania has even donned a fur hat in 2007 during Fashion Week. PETA has noted Melania's support of their organization, with PETA senior VP Dan Mathews stating that Melania has attended PETA fashion shows in order to lend her support to designers who design their collections without using fur or any exotic animal skins, nor leather.

Donald and Melania Trump in 2005 [Image by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images]

As reported by the Huffington Post, Melania's representatives have declared that the first lady no longer wears real fur. However, the publication questions whether the no-fur promise will hold out for Melania in years to come. As seen in the top photo above, First Lady Melania -- back when she was known as a model named Melania Knauss -- showed up to a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 14, 2002, in New York City wearing what appears to be a white fur coat, as discovered from the Getty Images photo that appears in searches for "Melania fur."

CNN notes that some male members of the Trump family have been the target of social media scorn for their big game hunting antics, therefore with Melania's team making a proclamation that Melania doesn't wear fur any longer, it could signal a positive shift for the first lady. With Melania's fashions closely followed by folks across social media, it's no doubt that a real fur ensemble would not go unnoticed if worn by Melania in the future.

Prince Charles, Donald Trump and Melania Trump in 2005. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Whereas Melania's team noted that Melania does not wear fur, there was no date specified as to when Melania stopped wearing fur, nor a detailed statement about why Melania changed her mind about wearing real fur. Reactions to Melania's fur proclamation can be read below, as seen in the below comments from social media.

" no longer wears This will have a huge impact on suffering on fur & in the "

"Good move on.' part. Maybe she can talk to her 'sons' about their trophy hunts."

"Can this be really True? Trumps say no to fur? lets hope this good sense spreads around the white house. "

"We thank Melania Trump for dropping and standing up for animals!"

"Good they should ban fur."

"Dearest First Lady Melania! You can wear fur however, whenever and wherever you like! You are American!"

"Is Melania is giving up fur? If so, she will do more for compassion than Ivanka. She could stop suffering of billions. Pls be true."

"I guess this is a plus? gotta look for the good anywhere you can!! Melania Trump no longer wears fur."

"All celebrities have the power to endorse cruelty on a large scale when they wear fur. I am pleased that we won't have to see Mrs. Trump wearing fur in pix. Now, I can recycle my anti Melania Trump fur signs. It shows that wearing fur is increasingly unacceptable."

[Featured Image by Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images]