Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Mocked In Anorexia, Addiction, Lyme Disease, Plastic Surgery Twitter Rumors

For years, twins Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen have rarely been seen in public, reportedly focused on their fashion careers rather than on television or film roles. But after the Olsen twins made an appearance at the Met Gala recently, a Twitter tempest resulted, with some followers even mocking the famous twins. Rumors of Mary-Kate's alleged struggles with anorexia and addiction soared, while Ashley's disappearance from the spotlight has been linked to Lyme disease. And just in case that wasn't enough, Twitter fans also weighed in on rumors that Mary-Kate's appearance has changed because of plastic surgery.

The 2017 Met Gala featured a rare appearance from Ashley and her twin, but it was Mary-Kate who first sparked the rumors of plastic surgery, reported Life & Style.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen stunned at the Met Gala 2017, but some fans were worried about the Olsen twins' changed appearances.
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen stunned at the Met Gala 2017, but some fans were worried about the Olsen twins' changed appearances. [Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images For Entertainment Weekly]

And although it reportedly was Mary-Kate rather than Ashley who looked noticeably different at the event, Twitter attacked both of the Olsen twins.

"The Olsen twins faces really look bad. Idk what bad botox or plastic surgery they did, but their faces look horrible."
Another Twitter user claimed that plastic surgery had "ruined" the appearances of both Ashley and Mary-Kate.

"The Olsen twins look sick," tweeted the 30-year-old fashion designers' follower. "That must suck to get plastic surgery then look in the mirror & see how it ruined you instead of [making] you better."

However, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Rian Maercks, who has not treated Mary-Kate, told the magazine that the changes in Ashley's twin sister appear to result primarily from smoking rather than plastic surgery.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen set off a Twitter tempest about alleged changes in their appearance.
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen set off a Twitter tempest about alleged changes in their appearance. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

"I would say that technically the majority of the changes we see could be due to accelerated aging associated with nicotine products tobacco or other environmental factors, as she is a known smoker," said the plastic surgeon. "The most significant factors are eyebrow ptosis (the dropping of the brow), and atrophy of the periorbital (area around the eyes) and perioral area (the area around the mouth)."

Maercks also pointed out that lighting and makeup could cause the Olsen twin to look different, but noted that the distance between Mary-Kate's cheek bones seemed to have changed.

"That only attracts attention to the temporal hollowing and lower facial aging changes," added the plastic surgery expert.

But speaking for both herself and her twin, Mary-Kate asserted that hard work is part of the Olsen twins' lifestyle.

"I think we're lucky [working hard] comes quite naturally for us," said Mary-Kate.

"We don't need so much time to sit and think and ponder."
Recently married, Mary-Kate pointed out that she has "a husband, two step-kids and a life," which means that she spends time at home as well as work.

"I have to go home and cook dinner," added the Olsen twin. "I ride horses on the weekends."

Mary-Kate also revealed that she believes it's essential to pinpoint "the thing that helps you relax and if you don't have it, you have to look for it." Otherwise, Olsen cautioned, there is a danger of becoming "burned out and then you're not productive."

Beyond those rumors about plastic surgery, however, Twitter heated up over a tweet that seemed to refer to "Mary-Kate's well-publicized, long-term struggle with anorexia and addiction," reported BET.

Ashley's alleged diagnosis of Lyme disease also appeared to be linked to the tweet (which has since been deleted). The comment came from Affinity magazine, and was shared on Instagram.

"Nicki Minaj is 34 and the Olsen twins are 30. White people age like bananas."
After deleting the tweet, which included a photo of Nicki, Ashley, and Mary-Kate posing at the Met Gala, the magazine apologized.

"Our intent was not to mock people who suffer from eating disorders or drug abuse. It was simply to highlight how differently people age," read one of the apologetic tweets from Affinity.

Although the deletion and apology sought to diminish the backlash, the Twitter storm continued.
Some questioned whether Lyme disease alone was to blame for the alleged changes in Ashley's appearance, however. One noted that Bella Hadid and her mother Yolanda Hadid both have revealed that they were diagnosed with Lyme disease.

"Bella & her mom have Lyme disease and they don't look like this??" questioned the Twitter user.

Another brought up the allegations of anorexia and addiction.

"Did Bella & her mom also have eating disorders & severe drug abuse problems??" responded the Twitter commentator.

However, as the Inquisitr reported, Lyme disease symptoms can range widely, from brain fog to pain. Although rumors that Ashley Olsen has Lyme disease have not been confirmed, other celebrities, including talk show host Sharon Osbourne's daughter Kelly Osbourne and singer Avril Lavigne both have been open about their struggles with the condition, along with Yolanda Hadid and two of her children.

In 2015, Radar Online reported that Ashley's Lyme disease had a "grim prognosis," and that the Olsen twin's condition had become worse, quoting an insider about Ashley's health.

"[Ashley is] in a lot of pain."
The publication reported that the Olsen twin had contracted Lyme disease several years ago. The disease is spread through ticks, and the source revealed that Ashley's suffering has increased.

"Her symptoms have gotten worse," added the source. "She used to be in the office all the time, but lately she's often just not well, so she rests a lot at home. She's really having a difficult time."

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