Chris Rock's Younger Brother Calls Himself 'The Solange Of The Family'

You may never have heard of Jordan Rock, but you certainly know everything about Chris Rock and can even quote some of the best jokes from his standup HBO specials.

Sounds familiar? You may quote the lyrics of every song from Beyonce's "Lemonade," but you know little about her younger sister, Solange Knowles.

While music runs in the blood of the Knowles family, comedy "runs in the breast milk" of the Rock family, as Rose Rock, the matriarch of the family, once famously pointed out.

Interestingly, there are only two Knowles siblings – Beyonce and Solange – while Chris Rock has seven other siblings besides Jordan Rock. So it may seem that the competition in the Rock family must be pretty tough – except, there is no competition in the family of comedy giants, as The New York Times learned during its sit down with two of Chris's younger brothers, 26-year-old Jordan and 42-year-old Tony.

The second Jordan Rock took the stage of Los Globos, a club in Silver Lake, LA, he declared himself "the Solange of my family."

"I'm Jordan Rock. I'm the younger brother of Chris Rock. You guys have probably never heard of me. Because I'm the Solange of my family."
But that's not just the introduction line to one of Jordan Rock's standup gigs, that's the story of his entire life. Just as Solange has for decades lived in the shadow of her 22-time Grammy Award-winning sister, Beyonce, Jordan Rock had to live in the comedic shadow of his older brother Chris Rock.

Tony started his comedy career when Chris Rock was already famous in New York City. When Jordan Rock started his standup career, Chris was already a nation-wide star.

Just like Jordan Rock has for years professionally distanced himself from his older brother Chris Rock, Solange has distanced herself from Beyonce.

And while Jordan Rock hilariously pointed out that he is "the Solange" of his family, being the Solange of the Knowles family isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Last October, Solange made history for the Knowles family with the release of her first album since 2012, A Seat At the Table, which scored the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. This made Solange and Beyonce, who has six No. 1s of her own, the first sisters to have both scored No. 1s.

And this March, Solange stunned the audience at the 2017 SXSW Conference and Festivals by going completely braless – and that's always a sure-fire way to become better known in our world.

Jordan Rock, who didn't finish high school to pursue comedy at 18-years-old, is still an unknown to the world who knows everything about his older brother, Chris Rock. But that could soon change, and he doesn't even have to strip down in front of thousands of people, like Solange did recently.

Jordan Rock, whom his older brother Tony describes as a "hipster, cool kid, skateboard and wise beyond his years," is the millennial Rock brother, and recently had a recurring role on the Netflix series Love.

During his L.A. standup gig, Jordan Rock went through his 20 minutes of comedy, which included jokes about weed, Uber, online dating and – how can any American standup comedian possibly avoid this – politics, and specifically U.S. President Donald Trump, comparing him to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter books and movies.

Jordan Rock declaring himself "the Solange" of the Rock family came amid news that his older brother – the Beyonce of the Rock family – Chris Rock confessed in his interview with Rolling Stone that he had cheated on his former wife of 20 years, Malaak Compton-Rock.

Calling himself "a piece of sh*t," Chris Rock confessed that he "wasn't a good husband a lot of the times" during his marriage, which ended last year.

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