Kristen Stewart And Girlfriend Stella Maxwell Getting Serious? The Two Are ‘Sort Of’ Living Together

The latest rumors surrounding the relationship between Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell suggest the two could be getting pretty serious.

Per US Weekly, some sweet news regarding Kristen and Stella has emerged as the two appear to be "sort of" living together. It was a source close to Stella Maxwell that informed US Weekly that the couple had gotten serious enough to move in together.

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As those who follow Kristen Stewart related news closely know, she has always been a pretty private person when it comes to her personal life and especially her romantic relationships. US Weekly estimates that Kristen and Stella have been an item for roughly five months before deciding to move things a step forward and move in together.

The biggest reason why some media outlets – such as Jezebel– are opting for "sort of" living together is because Maxwell still maintains her apartment located in New York City. The source close to her that spoke to US Weekly claims that "she spends all of her time" at the former Twilight star's home in Los Angeles.

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US Weekly notes the only exception to this being when Stewart and/or Maxwell are traveling. On April 14, for example, Kristen, Stella, and a group of their friends hung out at the artist's compound backstage while they were at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Just four days later, Stella had traveled to New Orleans to visit where she was currently filming the 2018 thriller titled Underwater.

While the duo may never share their secrets with the world, Kristen and Stella have found a way to continue to move forward with their careers while still having time for each other as a couple.

The source close to Maxwell also revealed to US Weekly that both Kristen and Stella were extremely busy with work, but they always tried to spend as much time as they could together. Given how busy both of their schedules have been lately, sharing the same address would make it easier for the two to spend time together when they both happen to be resting at home.

A source close to Kristen confirmed to US Weekly that the former Twilight star really liked being with Stella. This comment only fueled the theory speculating the duo could be getting pretty serious. Could Kristen and Stella have finally found "the one?" Unfortunately, only time will answer that question.

Jezebel has a slightly different outtake and opinion of the latest Kristen and Stella news. The outlet appeared to be a little disappointed with the vague information the source close to Maxwell told US Weekly. This was the biggest reason why the outlet decided to clarify the fact that Stella and Kristen only "sort of" live together. This theory suggests it is possible the two are just spending a lot of time at Kristen's house because they are dating and Kristen's house is convenient.

Basically, whether or not one thinks Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell are getting serious all boils down to how the news of the two "sort of" living together is interpreted. If the two were 100 percent living together, one could argue they are getting more serious. One could also argue Stella only maintains her apartment because with her career it gives her a convenient and easy place to stay; or it could just be a safety net in the off chance things didn't work out with Kristen.

Until Kristen Stewart or Stella Maxwell give an official statement regarding whether or not they are living together and whether or not they are getting serious, the news should be taken as nothing more than rumors.

Do you think Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell are getting serious now that they've "sort of" moved in together? Share your thoughts with us in the comment's section found down below.

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