Aaron Rodgers And Olivia Munn Have Split, But He’s Not Dating Kelly Rohrbach

Aaron Rodger and Olivia Munn have parted ways after three years of dating, but when it comes to moving on, the Green Bay Packers quarterback may not be ready quite yet.

Throughout the past week, romance rumors have been hounding Rodgers and Baywatch‘s Kelly Rohrbach, but according to a new report by People Magazine, the alleged couple isn’t actually dating.

Last month, just weeks after Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn ended their relationship, the athlete was seen at a gold course in Los Angeles with Rohrbach and right away, reports suggested they were dating. Days later, a source told People Magazine there was no truth to the rumors.

“This needs to be clarified,” the source said. “[Aaron Rodgers] and Kelly are just friends, and they went to play golf together. There’s absolutely nothing weird or scandalous there, and it’s ridiculous that [the tabloids] are making it into something.”

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Since he began dating Olivia Munn years ago, Aaron Rodgers has become accustomed to the ongoing speculation into his personal life and doesn’t seem to mind the ongoing reports.

“[Aaron Rodgers] is a young, handsome, single guy,” the source told the magazine. “You’re going to see him out and about with friends, and you’re going to see him with girls. That’s just going to happen. He’s having a good time hanging out with people who he likes. He’s just having fun, and he deserves it.”

“[Aaron Rodgers] saw the reports about Kelly and thought they were funny,” the insider added. “He was like, ‘I guess every time I even look at a girl, people are going to say we’re getting married.’ But no, it doesn’t bother him. He knows it comes with the territory.”

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn began dating one another in early 2014 and continued on with their relationship for a few years as they faced drama with Rodgers’ family. As fans may recall, Aaron Rodgers’ family feud was discussed during an episode of The Bachelorette as his brother, Jordan Rodgers, competed and ultimately won the heart of Jojo Fletcher.

On the show, Aaron Rodgers’ dad, Ed, was seen talking about their estrangement and noting that “fame” can change people. A short time later, Us Weekly shared a report which suggested Munn was at the center of Aaron Rodgers’ issues with his family.

Olivia Munn “has a strong personality and every meeting she has had with them has gone badly,” the source explained. “The family says [Aaron Rodgers] stopped talking to them, while Aaron says they don’t talk because his family doesn’t like Olivia.”

In response to the report, however, a source close to the actor said, “[Aaron Rodgers] makes his own decisions and wouldn’t be swayed by Olivia.”

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Ever since Jordan Rodgers’ appearance on the ABC dating series, Aaron Rodgers’ family feud has been a hot topic online, and in November of last year, after Munn proclaimed she was thankful for her boyfriend, fans blasted her for allegedly keeping him from his family.

When Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn broke up weeks ago, a source claimed the split was amicable.

“They have amicably ended their relationship of three years,” a source close to the situation confirmed to People Magazine in April. The source says the couple “remains close friends and wish nothing but the best for each other moving forward.”

Regarding Aaron Rodgers’ family feud, a source previously told People Magazine, “This is not [Olivia Munn’s] issue; this is the Rodgers family issue.”

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