‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: 10 Spoilers Reveal Laura Livid With Valentin As He Plays Doting Uncle To Spencer

Step aside ordinary townies of Port Charles, there’s royalty in town! With the return of Prince Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel), General Hospital spoilers reveal that fans can expect a drama-filled May sweeps season, becoming of highfalutin folk coming back to town. Spencer’s paternal grandmother, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) had enrolled her grandson into a high security French boarding school to keep him safe and protected. However, Spencer is back for a hometown visit.

General Hospital Spoilers: 10 Spoilers In Spencer’s Storyline Revealed

  1. Spencer will be staying at Lulu Spencer’s (Emme Rylan) home because his guardian Laura has been hanging out there.
  2. Since he will be spending time at Lulu’s home, it is inevitable that he will have the pleasure of getting to know his first cousin Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez). General Hospital spoilers reveal that the two will hit it off because of how similar their backgrounds are. Both are privileged, rather spoiled children and this will further cement the two cousins’ bond and allow them to become firm friends.


  1. Spencer will experience life as a “townie” since his uncle, Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), now owns Spoon Island and Wyndemere.
  2. The last time General Hospital fans saw Spencer, he did not believe that his father Nicolas Cassadine is dead. It seems that unless Spencer has heard from his dad, his dad is sleeping with the fishes. General Hospital fans will remember that last year he knew that his father was alive and did not tell anyone the news. Perhaps the writers want to give viewers a ray of hope as to the prince’s death.
  3. Spencer does not know that Valentin Cassadine is probably his father’s murderer. Will Laura tell her grandson the cold hard truth about his doting uncle?
  4. Spencer Cassadine has met Valentin when he attempted to kidnap him from Shakespeare camp. We can be sure that Valentin will have plenty of opportunities of alone time with Spencer as Charlotte spends time with both her mom Lulu, and dad Valentin.
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  5. Valentin does have a genuine love for kids though, but this does not reassure Laura in the least. She does not trust Valentin around her grandson, especially since all clues point to Valentin murdering Nikolas. However, Nikolas’s body was never found which begs the question if Nikolas is really dead.
  6. Lulu encourages the friendship between Spencer and Charlotte, despite Laura’s wishes. She wants the two cousins to enjoy each other’s company.
  7. The ever-growing bond between Charlotte and Spencer will infuriate Laura because it means that Valentin has access to her darling grandson Spencer, and Laura does not trust Valentin in any way, shape of form. As Valentin tries to win over Spencer, he dotes on him and with his natural affinity for kids, it is likely that he soon will be Spencer’s favorite uncle. Laura will have none of it and will not be having any of it. However, Lulu will step in and ask that the two of them make peace for the sake of the children, and will tell Valentin and Laura not to make a scene in front of the children.
  8. Spencer will be puzzled as to why his great-uncle and grandmother are fighting. Laura, however, does not want Spencer to know that the man who could be responsible for his father Nikolas’s death, is his cousin’s father, Valentin.

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