Miranda Lambert Reportedly Ends ‘No Contact’ Rule With Blake Shelton To Drop Revenge Bombshell!

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton reigned as the seemingly happily married queen and king of country music for years. Their fans were shocked when the former lovebirds suddenly announced their split, and rumors of what really caused Miranda’s and Blake’s divorce have swirled for years. Now, a new report claims that Lambert has ended her alleged “no contact” rule with Shelton in order to drop a revenge bombshell about her new relationship, with rumors that she also released a shocker for his new girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

An insider told Radar Online that Miranda decided it was time to break her “no contact” rule with Blake for a special reason. And that’s allegedly to get revenge by informing Shelton that she is ready to get married again, according to the source.

“Miranda has refused to speak to Blake since their divorce. But she’s happy to hit him with the news that she’s fully ready to replace him!”

Lambert, 33, allegedly has been flaunting her relationship with her “boy toy” musician, Anderson East, noted the publication. Miranda even sparked wedding rumors with her choice of outfit at the Academy of Country Music Awards in April, stunning in a white bridal-style gown and accompanied by Anderson.

Miranda Lambert reportedly has a bombshell to drop on Blake Shelton.
Miranda Lambert reportedly has a bombshell to drop on Blake Shelton. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Lambert allegedly was happy that Shelton and his girlfriend Gwen Stefani did not appear at the event. As to why Miranda reportedly “froze out” Blake after he hooked up with Gwen, a close friend of Lambert’s told the publication about why she’s allegedly “infuriated” with Shelton.

“It infuriated Miranda that Blake started dating this gorgeous pop star before the ink was dry on their divorce papers.”

But this isn’t the first report of Lambert allegedly seeking ways to get revenge on Shelton because of his rebound romance with Stefani. In Touch Weekly revealed that Miranda sought to get the “last word” about Blake’s new romance via her new album.

While Shelton reportedly has happily moved on in his life with Gwen, Lambert allegedly struggled after her “painful divorce,” according to the publication. But now, Miranda is reportedly “getting her revenge” on Shelton’s girlfriend in the form of her new album, The Weight of These Wings, a friend of Lambert’s told the magazine.

“Gwen has got to be devastated by what a modern country masterpiece Miranda’s made.”

Moreover, Stefani allegedly was finding joy in planning a wedding with Blake, according to the source. But Lambert’s success with her album has reportedly diminished that joy.

“With Miranda’s album making news like this, it’s a constant reminder of Blake’s past with another woman — and how she’s just on an entirely different level than Gwen,” added Lambert’s pal.

When it comes to what Lambert and Shelton have shared in public about their post-divorce lives, however, there’s no mention of revenge. But Miranda has been candid in admitting that she had a “hard time” after the divorce, reported Us Weekly.

Talking about pouring her heartbreak into her music, Lambert pointed out that it requires “confidence and strength to be willing to be vulnerable.” Although the country crooner confessed that she was “hurting” from the divorce, she feels there’s an upside to the pain.

“A really positive thing that came out of the hard time in my life was that I grew as a songwriter.”

In the wake of her divorce from Blake, Miranda revealed that she spent time becoming “better friends with the people that I write the songs with…sitting there on a porch drinking wine.” She also spent time “being quiet and being by myself.”

In contrast, Shelton used his music not just to reflect on his divorce, but also to share his happiness about his romance with Gwen Stefani, reported People.

“It is my divorce record, but maybe even more than that, it’s my happy, falling-in-love record too,” emphasized Blake.

The experience of “falling in love” again came after Stefani revealed that just like Shelton, she was going through a divorce. After Blake learned about her breakup from then-husband Gavin Rossdale, the two quickly went from sympathizing over their respective splits to sharing their love, said Shelton.

“It went from that, to checking in on each other once a week through email…to ‘Hey, here’s my phone number if you ever want to text,'” he recalled.

“Next thing I know, I wake up and [Gwen is] all I care about, and I’m wondering if she feels the same about me.”

Feeling as if Stefani “saved” his life, the country crooner revealed that their divorce journeys have been similar.

“Who else on earth could understand going through a high-profile divorce from another musician?” pointed out Blake. “You can’t even imagine the similarities in our divorces.”

Could Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reunite at the CMT Awards this year?
Could Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reunite at the CMT Awards this year? [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]

As for whether fans will ever seen Shelton and Lambert together again, there’s the possibility of a reunion at the CMT Music Awards in 2017. Famed for artists and musical collaborations, the event’s performers this year include Miranda, Blake, Brett Eldredge, Luke Bryan, and Thomas Rhett, according to Yahoo.

The June 7 CMT award show will be hosted live by Charles Esten, who revealed why it’s so special.

“Everybody knows that CMT has a special connection with country music and the incredible fans that love it so much,” commented Esten. “That connection is why our show, Nashville, now has a perfect home on the network. It’s also why there is no other show quite like the CMT Music Awards.”

Could Shelton and Lambert delight fans by collaborating at the CMT awards this year, and will Gwen Stefani and Anderson East meet on the red carpet? Fans will have to wait to see if the CMT awards sets off fireworks for the quartet.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Stagecoach]