Tyga Sickened By Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Birthday Get-Together: Relationship Over For Good

Tyga is sickened by recent photos he saw of Kylie Jenner celebrating Travis Scott’s birthday, now that the couple has officially made it known that they are dating, it’s been alleged.

Tyga is furious because it was only a month ago when he was reportedly dumped by Jenner over a handful of differences that gave the socialite the impression they were better off as friends, but of course, the fact that they’ve parted ways before gave Tyga hope a reconciliation was bound to happen.

Not this time it seems, as Kylie has traveled all over the country with her new beau, and now that she’s been introduced to Travis’ friends and spent his birthday with him, Tyga has realized that his romance with the TV star is officially over for good.

Tyga is still devastated, nonetheless, a source tells Hollywood Life. They haven’t been apart for that long and Kylie is already flaunting her new relationship wherever she goes — it’s bothered him a lot, but he’s staying strong, especially now that he knows he’ll never get back with the 19-year-old.

An insider tells Hollywood Life that Tyga is moving on — not as fast as Jenner, but he’ll eventually find his way again. “As far as Tyga’s concerned, he’s done with Kylie,” one source revealed.

“Her doing the most for Travis on his birthday was the nail in the coffin. He was hurt! She deliberately took him to a hotspot, she knew they’d be photographed together, and that really hurt Tyga seeing them so happy together and her celebrating the next man’s birthday.”

Even if Kylie wanted to get back together with Tyga in the future, he would instantly decline because the disrespect is too much at this point. Tyga, despite having been seen with other female companions, has claimed that he’s still single and isn’t seeing anybody new, whereas Kylie had no problem flaunting her new relationship with the press.

Whatever her intentions were to do just that has left a poor taste in Tyga’s mouth, realizing that getting back with the 19-year-old in the future would be a huge mistake, because this has proven to him that if she wanted to reconcile, she’s simply playing with his emotions.

“For him, too much damage has been done,” the insider continued.

“Kylie’s being real shady and disrespectful to him and continues to flaunt Travis around with no regard. He still loves Kylie, he always will. But he’s over her.”

While she has yet to confirm her romance with Travis Scott on social media, as Cosmopolitan notes, Kylie has been seen all over the country with her new man, who she was first seen holding hands with at Coachella back in April.

They’ve attended NBA games together, and Tyga’s ex-girlfriend has even introduced Scott to her closest pals, signifying that the relationship is definitely off to a good start. Whether it’ll last has yet to be seen, but Tyga will certainly not give in to Kylie if she was to try and make a reconciliation happen between the two.

It should be noted that during Tyga’s two-year romance with Jenner, the duo had decided to call it quits on four occasions, which is why fans had been so hopeful they would get back together.

Not this time, it seems.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]