June 29, 2017
'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: First Promo Released, Is It A Clue That 'BB19' Will Be All-Stars?

Big Brother 19 returns on Wednesday, June 28 with a two-hour premiere episode. The new preview released on May 2 revealed that Julie Chen would be back as the host for another "summer of fun." In the Big Brother promo, it showed past players from Seasons 15-18, which caused some BB19 fans to wonder if this season will be an all-star season.

Is Big Brother Getting Stale?

Julie Chen has been the host of Big Brother since the first season in the summer of 2000. She has become part of the show, so much so, that Chen revealed if she ever decided not to continue with the show, it would likely be canceled. Julie has been vocal about her desire to see another all-star season; however, CBS hasn't expressed any interest in bringing back a whole cast of past players.

To compromise and appease the Big Brother fans desire to see their favorite past players return to the series, CBS agreed to bring back four returning players with 12 new houseguests for the past few years. Now, Big Brother spoilers suggest that they may want to switch it up because the casting is getting too predictable. The game has lost its element of surprise.

"I have been actually pushing for an All-Star season in that it's beyond 'all-star,'" Chen teased E Online last year. 'It's the cream of the crop. It's the winner from each season to compete. So, it's the 'Winner's Circle.' And I'm talking back to season one, Eddie [McGee]. I mean all the way back!"

Rumors of An All-Star With A Twist

There have been rumors on social media that CBS may bring back past players, with a massive twist. The Big Brother spoilers suggest that CBS may bring back fan favorites from Survivor, Amazing Race, and, of course, Big Brother to compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

If this is the plan, it may be interesting. Think about it; CBS could bring the players that went all the way to the end and didn't win the game. There are a few reasons many Big Brother fans believe this theory may be correct. The fans revealed that two tweets (from CBS reality TV personalities) support the (far-fetched) speculation.

A few days ago, Survivor villain, Russell Hantz retweeted casting director, Robyn Kass. Her tweet asked if you have what it takes to win Big Brother, and if so, apply before the deadline. Hantz retweeted and replied that he "knew" he had what it takes to win. The BB19 fans went crazy with speculation that it was a hint that Russell may appear on BB19 in June
Of course, many felt that he wouldn't be able to say if he was going to be in the series because they sign a contract barring them from revealing anything before the show airs. Even so, can you imagine him in the Big Brother house? He'd find a diamond power of veto without looking.

Russell took the time to clear up a rumor floating around social media about his family. Apparently, a Big Brother fan allegedly said that his whole family is banned from ever appearing on a CBS show, and he revealed that was not true.

The other reality TV personality that posted on social media was Caleb Reynolds. The Big Brother and Survivor alum posted last month to Twitter that the CBS fans have not seen the last of him. It seemed to imply that he could be returning to Survivor, but what if it was a hint he is returning to Big Brother in the summer?

In a few weeks, CBS should announce the cast of Big Brother 19. Are you ready for a new season? Whom would you like to see on the summer reality TV series?

Big Brother 19 returns to CBS on Wednesday, June 28 with a two-hour premiere episode.

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