Whitney Houston Documentary Gives Answers On Diva’s Sexuality And Cause Of Death

A new documentary about the late Whitney Houston reveals that the diva could be gay and searches for answers to the outstanding question: What was the cause of death of Whitney Houston?

More than five years following Whitney Houston’s death in a bathtub in her suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the new documentary, Whitney: Can I Be Me, provides details on the diva’s long-rumored lesbian romance with her best female friend and assistant, Robyn Crawford.

The new documentary, which premiered last Wednesday at the Tribeca Film Festival, offers previously unseen footage and suggests that Whitney Houston could be bisexual, something her mother, Cissy Houston, told Oprah Winfrey in 2013 would have “absolutely” bothered her, according to People.

Although the new documentary about Whitney Houston, who was married to Bobby Brown for 15 years from 1992 through 2007, didn’t interview Crawford, it does feature several candid interviews with Houston’s family members and friends, whose comments suggest that the late diva could indeed have been bisexual.

Whitney Houston, who first met Crawford as a teen in New Jersey, had more than just platonic feelings for her best friend and assistant, who “hated” Houston’s former husband Brown, according to David Roberts, the singer’s bodyguard.

“Bobby Brown and Robyn Crawford were like fire and ice. They hated each other.”

The new documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me also suggests that Crawford’s eventual exile from Whitney Houston’s life could be one of the overt factors that led to the “I Will Always Love You” singer’s death in February of 2012.

Ellin Lavar, who was a long-time friend and personal stylist of the late singer, says Crawford “provided a safe place” for Whitney Houston, adding that Houston found “safety and solace” in her rumored lesbian lover, who often appeared right in the middle of Houston’s marriage to Brown.

Lavar, however, insists that she doesn’t think Whitney Houston was gay.

“I think she was bisexual.”

But it appears that Houston’s rumored lesbian lover, Crawford, was in the middle of Whitney Houston’s conflicts and marital disagreements with Brown not only as a friend who was there to support the “I Will Always Love You” singer but also as the reason for exhausting conflicts and disagreements between Houston and her former husband.

Roberts, on whom The Bodyguard was loosely based, also revealed that Crawford and Brown would “battle” for Whitney Houston’s affection, adding that oftentimes Crawford was the winner of her “physical altercations” with Houston’s former husband.

“But then Whitney would always come and pour oil over troubled waters.”

And while Brown apparently saw the danger in Crawford’s presence for his marriage with Whitney Houston, he could never “remove” Houston’s rumored lesbian lover from their lives, as she and Houston were “like twins” and “inseparable,” according to Kevin Ammons, who was responsible for security of the late singer.

“He wanted to be the man in the relationship.”

After Whitney Houston wrapped her My Love Is Your Love world tour in 1999, tensions between Crawford and Brown reached their breaking point and could no longer be ignored.

Crawford decided to leave Whitney Houston’s life shortly after the world tour, and that’s when the late diva’s “downfall” began, according to Lavar, who says Houston’s rumored lesbian lover was “the person who was keeping her together.”

That was the period of time when Whitney Houston allegedly resorted to drugs and suffered from a lack of self-care, two factors that ruined her marriage with Brown. Houston filed for divorce from Brown in October of 2006.

A little more than six years later, Whitney Houston was found dead in the bathtub in her suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The diva was pronounced dead at the scene, while the official cause of death remains listed as “accidental drowning.”

Shortly after Whitney Houston’s death, which occurred a day before the Grammy Awards in 2012, an autopsy showed Houston had several drugs in her system at the time of the drowning.

A few days after Whitney Houston’s sudden death, her rumored lesbian lover penned an exclusive obituary for Esquire, in which she described the late diva as “a loyal friend” and admitted that she “loved her laughter.”

“And that’s what I’ll miss most.”

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