Why Blake Shelton Won’t Buy Gwen Stefani Diamonds For Mother’s Day

Blake Shelton may want to put a little more effort into his Mother’s Day surprise for girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

Blake was quizzed on how he plans to surprise Gwen for the big celebration coming up on May 14 during a new interview with Extra, but it turns out he actually hasn’t put much thought into his surprise and probably won’t be spending a whole lot of cash on a flashy gift for his girlfriend.

Rather than surprising Stefani – who is mom to her three kids with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale Kingston, Zuma and Apollo – with some expensive jewelry, Shelton admitted that he’ll instead put his money away and keep things more low-key by making Stefani some pancakes.

“Gosh, I didn’t even think about that one,” Blake responded when asked if he has a Mother’s Day surprise up his sleeve for Gwen, who he’s been dating for more than a year and a half.

“I don’t know. I’ll make her some pancakes that spell mom or something like that,” Shelton said of how he plans to surprise the star, to which fellow The Voice coach Alicia Keys – who is mom to two sons Egypt and Genisis – admitted that Blake’s idea was “cute” but needed something a bit more sparkly for Stefani.

“You could help the kids do that,” Alicia said of how her fellow The Voice coach should gather Gwen’s three boys in the kitchen to make pancakes, adding, “and then you could do something like have a diamond necklace underneath the pancakes.”

Blake Shelton has a Mother's Day surprise for Gwen Stefani involving her kids
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But it sounds like Shelton isn’t planning on surprising Gwen with diamonds, as he joked in response to Alicia’s pricey suggestion, “I mean pancakes are pretty [good]. That’s enough.”

Shelton’s less than stellar Mother’s Day plans for Gwen come after Stefani gushed about her boyfriend’s relationship with her kids last month, admitting that the country star and her three boys have a great relationship and love being together.

Gwen Stefani spoke to Extra ahead of a taping of The Voice on April 18, where the singer told the outlet that her three sons are “just into” her boyfriend Blake Shelton, adding “…who isn’t?”

“We always have fun together,” Stefani continued of her time spent with her boyfriend and her sons, telling the outlet that they always have “a blast” when they hang out together.

Gwen also revealed that her kids aren’t affected by her or Blake’s fame and don’t really care that she and Shelton are two of the biggest stars on the planet.

“It’s all about them, they don’t want to know about work or songs,” Stefani said of her kids.

But while Stefani is revealing that her kids love Shelton, she also joked that there’s one thing she’s hoping her boys actually don’t try to copy from Blake.

Blake Shelton has no plans to buy Gwen Stefani
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Gwen poked fun at her boyfriend last week while chatting with Entertainment Tonight alongside fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine, as the twosome took a friendly jab at Blake’s pretty unique tattoo on his left forearm and admitted that they don’t want their kids to copy the country star’s ink.

Though Stefani tweeted out a photo of her kids copying Shelton’s tattoo with a Sharpie on social media last month, Gwen said that there’s no way she’d actually let her boys copy Blake’s tattoo with more permanent ink.

“If my kids wanted to get [a tattoo], I would hope that we could talk about what it is so that we don’t have big regrets in the future,” Gwen told the outlet while also revealing that she’s not exactly the biggest fan of Blake’s tattoo which features deer tracks in between two rows of barbed wire.

“Hopefully, they won’t get one like Blake’s tattoo,” Gwen joked of Blake’s ink.

What do you think of Blake Shelton’s pretty lacklustre Mother’s Day surprise for Gwen Stefani?

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