‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nurse Amy Plans To Steal Maxie’s Man, Nathan Snoops On Anna And Valentin

General Hospital spoilers for this week teased Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) first meeting with gorgeous attorney Martina Morales (Daya Vaidya). CarSon drama aside, Nathan (Ryan Paevey) is going to receive a huge blow as Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) will not be back in town soon.

It seems that Nathan will have more time in his hands and being abandoned by a new wife can be depressing. Spoilers hint Nathan will bond with one of the nurses, and this could have huge consequences for his marriage. Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) are playing a dangerous game.

Naxie’s Relationship Struggles

General Hospital spoilers tease Nathan is going to feel excited since Maxie is set to return to Port Charles soon. However, this happiness will not last long since he is going to receive some bad news. It seems that Maxie’s job in Portland is not done yet. Instead of heading back to town to be with him, Maxie needs to stay longer to finish the job.

Spoilers reveal that Nathan will try to understand the situation, but he is going to feel disappointed about it. Instead of enjoying their honeymoon phrase, Nathan and Maxie are dealing with a long distance relationship. Thanks to Nina Cassadine’s worries about her husband, Nathan will have something to take his mind off his absentee wife.


According to General Hospital spoilers, Nathan will become privy to Valentin’s affairs after hearing Nina’s problems. It seems that there will be a confrontation between Valentin and Nathan. Spoilers hint Nathan is going to accuse Valentin of cheating.

When the news that Nathan accuses Valentin of cheating reaches Anna, she is going to make things more difficult for Nina. General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that this Anna is actually Alex. Her primary goal is to ruin Valentin’s marriage, so he will turn to her. Based on these spoilers, it seems that Anna is going to do what it takes to uncover Valentin’s secrets.

Nurse’s Ball

Nathan will find time to help out with the Nurse’s Ball. While working with Nurse Amy (Risa Dorken), Nathan will warm up to the woman. General Hospital spoilers tease that this is just the beginning. These two will find themselves talking and, ultimately, Amy will share that Maxie bullied her when they were in high school.

While Nathan loves Maxie, he will not be happy when he hears Amy’s story. He feels that bullying is just too cruel. This sympathy might be the key to a budding romance. As cited in Celeb Dirty Laundry, Maxie and Nathan’s marriage could be the subject of a blind item stating “honeymoon is over.” During the Nurse’s Ball, a lot of things could happen, and this includes Nathan’s decision to rescue Amy.


Spoilers for May reveal Nathan would feel closer and closer to Amy. This relationship will eventually make him question his feelings for Maxie. Nurse Amy has every reason to pursue this relationship. She is still holding a grudge against Maxie, and there’s no better revenge than stealing the bully’s husband.

If these spoilers hold true, Maxie will be in for a big surprise when she returns from Portland. It might even be possible for her to turn to another man. Prior GH spoilers revealed Maxie and Griffin could have an affair.

Nathan could find himself falling for General Hospital’s damsel in distress instead of pining for his wife. In one scene, Amy tears a picture of Nathan and Maxie. She decides to get rid of Maxie in the photo and keeps the other half. It seems that Naxie is in big trouble. General Hospital spoilers hinted Amy’s plans to snatch Nathan away from Maxie, and viewers wonder if Naxie will withstand this trial?


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