'Clash Of Clans' Update: Boats Arrive, Rumors Of Second Village Create Buzz With 'COC' Users [Video]

Clash of Clans update time arrived on Wednesday morning (May 3) for most users. This latest Clash of Clans update revolves around the introduction of boats (or ships), with most users finding an interesting addition to their bases. Crashed on the shores of their "land" is a boat, hinting that there will soon be a way for gamers to explore more areas. There had been a lot of Clash of Clans rumors about this facet of the game coming, but now it appears to be underway. It could also be a way to create additional buzz before the full update lands on the shore.

A thread within the Clash of Clans forums is already addressing the "broken boat" and how it will tie into the May update. Clicking on the boat leads users to a YouTube video (seen below), where further hints are given about how users will get to use the new facet of the game. There isn't a lot of explanation provided, but rather an extended teaser to get users interested in what might come next. It's a useful tool that has already yielded a lot of buzz on social media, most of which is positive about where the game might be heading next.

The boat might just be one part of what has been advertised as the biggest Clash of Clans update since the game's inception. That would be a pretty big deal, as the introduction of Clan Wars was seen as the most popular and game-changing update that Supercell has brought to users. It would be hard for anything to live up to that, but with rumors of a second village, night play, and even a sped up format, maybe this "boat" update could be what gamers have been waiting to see for months. Could the game be in for some massive changes very soon?

There had been a lot of speculation about how the next Clash of Clans update would work, especially after one of the forum moderators posted what he knew "aboat" what was coming. No that's not a misspelling, it appears to be a hint about boats coming with the new update. A video report explored the post a bit further, first noting that there would not be a Town Hall 12 or level 13 walls with the next COC update. He couldn't provide an exact date for when this COC update is going to take place, but the first introduction of a boat on user bases might be the biggest hint yet.

The Clash of Clans forums have already been overrun with threads from users asking about the boats and why they have appeared today. The forum moderators continue to act coy about the introduction, asking for patience as people continue to post. At some point in the future, the numerous threads may be combined into one location, but for now, it is basically a free-for-all as people try to be the first of their friends to learn new information about this Clash of Clans update. That quest for information is coming up with a lot of dead ends for now.

The next Clash of Clans update could be a massive one as Supercell seeks to keep veteran users interested in the game and provide excitement for those people who are just trying out the game for the first time. One of the more interesting Clash of Clans rumors is that a second village could be made available to users, giving gamers more to do while their primary town hall is being upgraded or waiting out a Clan War. That would certainly be a way for Supercell to make more money off of users who want to build up their villages quickly.

With no exact date for when the boats will become usable, fans of the game are left with more questions than answers. That could change soon, though, especially with the number of heavy hints that moderators and veteran players have been giving about what the next Clash of Clans update may entail.

[Featured Image by Ted S. Warren/AP Images]