‘Wonder Woman’ Proves Superhero Misogyny Extends To Marketing Ploys

When news of a Wonder Woman solo film was first made public, actress Gal Gadot couldn’t contain her excitement. She embraced this role like no other, because playing Diana Prince in the feature film would give her a chance to create a strong female role model for girls everywhere, including her own daughter. As time went on, however, those dreams were dashed for Ms. Gadot and for millions of Wonder Woman fans, partly because the Patty Jenkins led Wonder Woman has already attracted more than its share of criticism, but also because Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment seems less than supportive of Wonder Woman and its message of female empowerment.

Fans and Critics Are All Wondering Why Wonder Woman Isn’t Getting Typical Superhero Marketing

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While Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are doing their best to inspire greater interest in Wonder Woman, DC fans aren’t so hopeful. As The Washington Post reports, fans and critics are joining together in calling Warner Bros. to task for its dismal marketing failures in promoting Wonder Woman. The complaint is in the lack of material, from teasers and trailers to posters, interviews, and public appearances, being shared, as opposed to what has normally been shared for other superhero and comic book adaptations.

Normally, the public is buried under an avalanche of teasers for the upcoming film, almost to the point that leaves fans feeling oversaturated with spoilers. By the time the film hits theaters, one might be left feeling as though there’s nothing to be gained by purchasing the theater ticket.

Such is not the case with Wonder Woman, or so fans are claiming.

The opposite may be true, however. Warner Bros. reports spending $400,000 more on marketing Wonder Woman than it did in advertising David Ayers’ Suicide Squad.

Just a few days ago, Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins each shared a new 30-second teaser from Wonder Woman, tweeting the clips for their followers.

Not to be outdone, Warner Bros. released a 60-second trailer earlier this week, first airing the new Wonder Woman teaser during the recent episode of Gotham on Fox.

While Diana Prince inspired action figures and cereal boxes may be lacking, there’s certainly no lack of advertising for Wonder Woman.

Patty Jenkins Says Wonder Woman Represents “All Kinds of People”

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Patty Jenkins isn’t overly concerned about the success of Wonder Woman, because, as Heroic Hollywood reports, the female DC superhero already has a massive cult following. While some may worry that the world is still not ready for a strong female superhero in theaters, Jenkins argues that the Diana Prince character overcame that kind of misogynistic thinking decades ago.

Patty points out that Wonder Woman has remained an important figure in comic books, both as a solo hero and as part of the Justice League, all while other superheroes have come and gone. Additionally, Jenkins points to The Hunger Games and similar franchises as proof that the public has accepted the idea of a strong female lead. She says the success of the films and the love shown for Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen is proof that both men and women embrace the idea of a female hero.

At the same time, Ms. Jenkins doesn’t feel that Diana Prince will be representative of everyone. Even as her alter ego, Wonder Woman, the character played by Gal Gadot may not speak to every person, but Patty hopes that many will be touched by Wonder Woman’s message.

“Of course she won’t end up representing everyone, but I hope she represents men and women. I hope she represents all kinds of people that never thought they’d be represented by her, because she’s a universe character. That’s what I want more than anything. She’s all of us because everybody’s wanted to do the right thing but not known how to do it, or be stronger or be good.”

Whether Warner Bros. has been fair to Wonder Woman or not, the world (and Patty Jenkins) will get an answer when the film debuts in theaters on June 2.

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