‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What Is A Chimera And Why Should We Care?

General Hospital spoilers first broke the new Chimera mystery plot on GH in a new Tune in Tomorrow podcast with Soaps in Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. This new umbrella story is one of those monstrosities beloved by General Hospital writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman that get too tangled, never make sense, and come to an unsatisfying conclusion.

Chimera Plot – May Sweeps Delves Into Myth

On the Monday, May 1 General Hospital, there was a three-prong reveal of this Chimera plot. Jake Spencer (Hudson West) drew one, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) showed a necklace of one, and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) slopped tequila on the weird Cassadine book and exposed the final Chimera hidden between glued together pages.

A Chimera is an animal of Greek mythology made of the parts of a lion, snake, and goat. The three-at-once reveal ties perfectly to the three-headed nature of the beast. Plus, the Greek tie-in is obviously meant to lean you towards the Cassadines. But forget the mythology, this is going to be some funky form of medical chimerism probably cooked up in the creepy labs on Cassadine Island.


What Is Medical Chimerism?

On the podcast, Simms said Grey’s Anatomy did a chimerism plot recently and House MD did one years ago. With the medical aspect, it’s where a person has more than one DNA in their body. It can be the result of one twin absorbing another or can happen with multiple embryos during in-vitro fertilization. It can also come from a stem cell transplant. General Hospital is using one of these.

General Hospital loves to do transplant and donor storylines. GH is rife with them. Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) suddenly had a rare blood type to donate to her sister. Julian Jerome (William DeVry) gave bone marrow to Danny Morgan and Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) got BJ’s heart. We can bet this is another medical mystery, but it goes deeper than that, it also ties into the WSB and DVX.

Chimera + DVX + Jake = Cassadine

General Hospital posted a video (see below) of the three reveals in one short trailer. Jake talked to the Chimera he drew and said, “I remember you.” That seems to indicate Jake is not the Chimera but knows who or what it is. But then today, there was another tie-in and we learned there was WSB data Valentin stole on the Chimera Project.

On Tuesday’s General Hospital, Anna tried to get Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) to tell her what he did with the Chimera Project info. He said more than the DVX wanted it. Valentin likely sold it to the highest bidder. Since he was operating under a different name then, General Hospital spoilers tease Val might have sold it to Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) who loves to experiment on people.


Fascinating Umbrella Plot or Hopeless Pile Of Garbage?

GH writers love classic references, but this throwback to pointless and obscure Greek mythology is worrisome. When General Hospital ran the serial killer plot last year, the writers admitted they started it without deciding on a culprit and it was a big fail. Let’s hope that’s not the case here. For the record, mythological Chimeras were usually female.

As of now, General Hospital spoilers tells us Anna, Valentin, Jake, Jason, Sam, Liz, and Franco are all wrapped up in this plot that has roots in Anna (or Alex Devane’s) past and legs that took it to Cassadine Island. This tangled mess of a plot launched this week but will carry on throughout sweeps. General Hospital spoilers promise Jake’s story hits an apex at the Nurse’s Ball.

Is Anna/Alex The Chimera?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Alex body snatched Anna and took her place but since “Anna” is provoking Valentin with the Chimera necklace, it seems unlikely the Devane twins are the Chimera.

Is Valentin The Chimera?

General Hospital history tells us little of Valentin so maybe there’s more to him. But since he was in on the Chimera Project theft, it seems more likely he knows about the Chimera, but is not it.


Is Jake The Chimera?

General Hospital spoilers promise more secrets unfold about Jake who should be long-dead. Maybe Helena stole Jake, he died from his injuries, and then she grew a new Jake using his stem cells.

Is Jason The Chimera?

General Hospital spoilers say Jason is not himself since he came back from the dead but he shouldn’t be the Chimera since the facial reconstruction program proved Jake Doe was Jason.


Is Charlotte The Chimera?

This option is interesting since General Hospital spoilers say Charlotte Cassadine’s (Scarlett Fernandez) birth certificate was dated 1992. Maybe Charlotte is Lulu’s twin somehow.

Are Charlotte And Jake Both Chimera?

Non-identical twins that share a blood supply in utero can have chimerism. Jake came back out of nowhere and is about the same age as Charlotte. Maybe they hatched together – it would be a fun twist.


Has General Hospital Jumped The Shark?

General Hospital spoilers for May sweeps promise all this will play out, but these convoluted stories that Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman like don’t always work out well. The reveal of Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher) going to loser Frank Benson for a kidney instead of criminal mastermind brother Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche) was ridiculous.

Before that, Paul Hornsby as the improbable serial killer flopped in a big way. He was never a good candidate as the killer and they had to throw Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) in there to explain the attacks where Paul had an alibi.

Jake’s resurrection has been dodgy from the get-go and now GH has hastily changed up Jason’s timeline to make room for him to be on Cassadine Island when he was really frozen. Will this Chimera be the three-headed beast the kills the writing regime of Jean and Shelly?