‘Big Brother 18’ Star James Huling Sets Record Straight: ‘BB18’ Alum Accused Of Bullying His Ex, Drug Abuse

Big Brother 18 fan favorite James Huling and houseguest Natalie Negrotti met on the set of the CBS reality TV show last summer. They hit it off, and their growing friendship became a full-fledged romance. Apparently, sometime just before the holidays, things went sour, and they broke up. However, Negrotti allegedly didn’t want her family and the BB18 fans to know and convinced Huling to “pretend” to be together.

All of the Big Brother drama started to come out after James received a cease and desist letter from his ex-girlfriend, demanding that he stop posting negatively about her on social media. He responded by posting a video, showing the legal document to his 100,000 plus followers.

On Sunday, April 30, Huling posted another Periscope video to read a “story” to his Big Brother fans. He titled the fake book, Cheating 101: Skye and Lance.


The book obviously isn’t real — it actually contains text messages between his ex-girlfriend and the man she cheated with while they were together.

Huling defended himself against the allegation that he “stole” information from Negrotti’s phone. He said that isn’t true because he knew her password and his fingerprint was stored on her phone.

“First off, how is it taking information when my fingerprint is stored in her phone?”

James goes on to say he didn’t take anything from his Big Brother girlfriend’s phone; he has permission to read her texts.

The Big Brother alum reads a few of the text messages that allegedly occurred on November 8, 2016. He claimed that Negrotti stored a fake name, Skye, on her phone so he wouldn’t know she was talking to another man.

Many Big Brother fans feel sorry for him because it’s obvious that he wasn’t expecting for her to betray him. There was mudslinging on both sides, and Huling felt like he was under attack by Natalie and her cronies.


Big Brother followers voiced concerns that James is using drugs, and that was the cause of the recent salty behavior. James revealed he isn’t on drugs and that he is just angry about how the breakup ended.

“It’s definitely NOT true. I am 1000% drug-free. I don’t mess with that stuff. Nobody would’ve known she sent those fake paperwork to my house if I hadn’t come out. I haven’t had any contact with Natalie in four months.”

Negrotti has been silent about the breakup on social media. She has mostly ignored all the negative posts about her. Her Big Brother fans have stood up for her and implied that James is bullying her. A few of them have claimed that James is still in love with her, stating that’s why he is so angry right now.

Huling has denied the claim that he is bullying her. He said that she was the one who started it by going to an attorney to send him a cease and desist letter.


Even so, many Big Brother fans believe that he’s taken it too far. His most recent Periscope video showed that he hasn’t gotten over the fact that she allegedly cheated on him.

James wanted to believe that Natalie genuinely liked him and wasn’t stringing him along. She may have truly cared for him, but for one reason or another, it just didn’t work out.


The Big Brother alum also addressed several of Negrotti’s followers who have been allegedly harassing and bullying his loved ones. Apparently, someone had bullied his 5-year-old daughter, although he wasn’t clear what was said.

“I will continue to regulate things until they get regulated. Y’all keep talking ’bout my daughter & friends & we’ll keep having tea time.”

Huling and Negrotti’s breakup has been extremely messy. Their Big Brother fans have stepped in, and there are no signs that either side is ready to call a truce.

[Featured Image by James Huling/Periscope]