‘Little People, Big World’ Baby Update: Zach And Tori Roloff Face ‘Scary’ Chance Their Son Has Dwarfism

Warning: This article contains Little People, Big World spoilers.

Little People, Big World will hit our television screens again tonight, and in a People preview of the TLC series, Zach and Tori Roloff express their anxiety over the possibility their soon-to-be-born baby may have dwarfism.

“Our two questions right now are the gender, and if the baby has any sort of dwarfism,” Zach says, as he and his wife await ultrasound results.

The 26-year-old Little People, Big World star goes on to say that getting the news a baby has achondroplasia, or dwarfism, is a “big deal” for other parents — the implication being that it won’t be as much of a challenge for him and Tori.

But Tori Roloff, 25, disagrees.

“Even for us, it’s a big deal,” she clarifies. “It is scary. No parent wants to hear that their child is different, no matter what that is.”

“But to me, that’s not different,” argues Zach.

“He’s just like me.”

However, Tori is still shaken by the idea.

“I’m not gonna lie,” she says. “It’s scary to think that your child has dwarfism.”

Zach Roloff then tries to get Tori to rephrase her thoughts about their baby.

“What’s a better word than ‘scary’?” he asks. “Is it scary? Or is it nerve-wracking?”

“I think as a parent it would be scary,” Tori replies. “If you didn’t know anything about dwarfism and you found out your child was a dwarf, that would be scary. There are certain things that would come along with having an achondroplasia child that would be more difficult than having a child that was average height.”

Zach then explains that those with dwarfism “do face the risk of just having more medical issues,” before recalling the leg-straightening surgery that he endured on a previous season of Little People, Big World and a shunt he required as a toddler to drain extra fluids from his brain.

“So I’m not going to say: ‘Oh yeah, man, I wish my kid had dwarfism. All those struggles he’s going to go through? Heck yeah! Can’t wait!’ But I’m also not going to say: ‘I really hope [he’s] an average height.’ Average height kids have issues, too.”

After listening to Zach recount his struggles, Tori confesses that “if I wasn’t married to a dwarf, it would be scary.”

However, Zach knows Tori is up for anything.

“She’s going to adapt to whatever situation we face,” he says.

And Tori proves that with her next sentence.

“Whatever pops out, we’re going to love it.”

Since the premiere episode of Little People, Big World was filmed, Zach and Tori Roloff learned they are having a son. They also learned they might become parents a little sooner than they anticipated. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tori Roloff posted a baby bump update on Instagram last week, saying that she was already one centimeter dilated and had experienced her first contraction. That means she could have her baby before the due date in late May.

However, before Little People, Big World fans get too excited, Tori’s contractions may be a type of faux contraction known as Braxton Hicks contractions, which are just the way a mother’s body gets ready for labor. Medical site WebMD says that — unlike true labor contractions — Braxton Hicks contractions are typically pain-free and don’t become more frequent and intense over time. However, when Tori’s body is truly ready to deliver Baby Boy Roloff, her labor contractions will come at regular intervals and last around 30 to 70 seconds.

When the new baby does make his debut, first-time grandma and Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff will be ready to offer love and support.

“I think one of the things I’m most excited about being a grandma is that this is the time that you can go back and just enjoy the baby being a baby and not worrying about all of this other stuff being a parent,” she said in a TLC video.

Are you looking forward to the Little People, Big World premiere tonight? Do you the Zach and Tori Roloff’s baby will arrive early?

Little People, Big World returns to TLC tonight at 9 p.m.

[Featured Image by Zach Roloff/Instagram]