Kendall Jenner Was Nearly Nude At The 2017 Met Gala And The Internet Loved It — And Hated It

Kendall Jenner Was Nearly Nude At The 2017 Met Gala And The Internet Love It...And Hated It [Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Kendall Jenner is clearly taking lessons from her older sister Kim Kardashian. The reality star walked the red carpet at the 2017 Met Gala wearing a dress that left little to the imagination. How did the internet react to Jenner’s nearly nude look?

Pop Sugar reports that Jenner’s barely there dress was created from 85,000 hand-made crystals. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is known for wearing revealing clothing, and she looked completely comfortable in front of the cameras during fashion’s biggest night.

While many fans actually praised Jenner for rocking a scandalous look, Yahoo reports that other people were not as forgiving. The internet practically exploded after Jenner took to the red carpet and it didn’t take long for fans to give their hilarious takes on social media.

“Kendall Jenner serving fishing net,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“When a brand mistakes ‘avante-garde’ for exposed. Kendall Jenner in La Perla,” one Twitter user blasted, while another added, “Wow! Too slutty for public. Come on! Don’t stoop that low.”

Fortunately for Jenner, not all the responses were negative. Even still, the reality star clearly took a major hit on social media for wearing a dress that barely covered anything at all.

According to Teen Vogue, Jenner has been an outspoken advocate for the movement #FreeTheNipple. She frequently wears tops that show off a lot of skin and doesn’t believe women should be afraid of exposing their breasts in public. For Jenner, donning another sheer outfit for the Met Gala is just another way to push the boundaries of socially acceptable attire.

“I don’t know. It’s pretty sexual but, yeah, it’s cool. It’s like, it’s very like, I don’t know. I always like something that’s a little controversial so, that’s kind of that,” she explained.

In addition to the dress’s revealing front, the gown also showed off Jenner’s backside in vivid detail. This is one reason why many fans took issue with Jenner’s appearance at the event, especially when they compared her look to classier outfits, like the silver gown worn by Tom Brady’s wife, Giselle Bundchen.

“I think it’s pretty classy compared to Kendall Jenner who has her full ass out,” a fan said on Twitter.

While the internet had plenty to say about Jenner’s fashion decision, Daily Mail reports that she also made her relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky official. The reality star attended the even with A$AP Rocky at her side, confirming earlier rumors that they had sparked up a romance. The two were first spotted together in a restaurant in Paris last summer and have traveled all over the world since then.

Their relationship was confirmed in different photos shared by Jenner’s sisters, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. In one shot, Jenner is featured getting extra cuddling with the rapper in the background of a photo of Kylie’s selfie.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Jenner’s dress, designer Julia Haart explained her reasoning behind the scandalous look. The gown is part of the La Perla Haute Couture Collection and took around 160 hours to create.

“I was inspired by Rei Kawakubo’s concept of ‘un-fabric’ and her ability to create movement out of seemingly immobile materials,” Haart explained. “So, I created my own ‘un-fabric’ by affixing stones to a single thread, creating a beautiful and liquid suspension that mirrored the qualities of a fine silk.”

Jenner’s appearance at the Met Gala comes after her disastrous promotion of the Fyre festival, which cost fans thousands of money. She was also criticized for her part in a recent Pepsi advertisement that poked fun at the black lives matter cause. Fans can only hope that her showing at the Met Gala turns things around.

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[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]