La La Anthony Threw Epic Shade At Husband Carmelo Anthony At The 2017 Met Gala

La La Anthony wasn’t afraid to throw some major shade at estranged husband Carmelo Anthony while walking the red carpet at the 2017 Met Gala.

Amid rampant allegations Carmelo and La La split after he cheated on her, La La appeared to make it pretty clear that she has no plans to get back together with the basketball star after throwing some subtle shade at her husband while walking the red carpet at the prestigious fashion event.

Both La La and Carmelo have stayed tight-lipped about their split amid the cheating rumors, though fans were quick to note that Anthony appeared to be letting her hands do all the talking while walking the red carpet on May 1.

After taking off her wedding ring two weeks ago after news of her and Carmelo’s breakup hit the headlines, Anthony still wasn’t wearing her wedding or engagement rings at the Met Gala and instead adorning her fingers with large rings, but noticeably kept her left ring finger bare.

Anthony then posed with her left hand on the hip while walking the red carpet, seemingly to show off her ringless finger.

La La Anthony Threw Major Shade At Carmelo Anthony At The 2017 Met Gala
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Fans were quick to notice the subtle yet powerful statement, as did Hollywood Life who speculated that La La purposefully left her ring finger without jewelry to send a message to her estranged husband amid reports he’s desperately trying to win her back.

“Screaming @ La La having rings on every finger but one,” @InejAlina tweeted after seeing Anthony throw major shade by keeping her left ring finger bare, while @Itzghostphantom added, “Being petty is stupid but LaLa can slide lol She put all rings on her finger except for the ring finger.”

Anthony also appeared to throw a little shade at Carmelo on Instagram before she hit the red carpet in New York City, posting a photo of herself in her stunning Met Gala dress alongside the caption, “Unbreakable.”

La La Anthony’s apparent shade appears to suggest she may not be willing to give Carmelo Anthony another chance when it comes to their marriage, despite recent reports alleging that Carmelo is supposedly hoping to win back his wife of almost seven years.

After Anthony liked a slew of images La La posted to Instagram in the wake of their split, a source told Page Six that the athlete allegedly still “loves” his wife and is hoping the two can reconcile despite allegations he cheated on her.

An insider alleged to the outlet that Carmelo has supposedly been “texting La La nonstop” ever since the couple broke up last month and has reportedly been trying to win back her heart by asking her on dates and even urging her to take a vacation with him.

La La Anthony threw serious shade at Carmelo Anthony with her rings at the Met Gala
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The site’s source then went on to claim that the Anthony’s have broken up and gotten back together in the past, adding that Carmelo is hoping the same thing will happen this time around.

La La was first spotted without her wedding ring on April 18 according to E! News, just one day after rumors began to swirl that she and Anthony had split over reports the basketball player had allegedly cheated on the star.

Though both have stayed pretty quiet when it comes to publicly discussing their breakup, a source claimed that the two have been having “some major issues lately” and added that it’s pretty unlikely the Anthony’s will ever reconcile.

“They’re done. At this point, she’s not willing to save their relationship,” the source said of the current state of the couple’s relationship, despite Carmelo’s reported hopes to get back together with his wife.

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