Janet Jackson’s Video On Baby, 2017 ‘State Of The World Tour,’ Weight Gain, Divorce: ‘It’s In God’s Hands.’

Janet Jackson began her new video message to fans by criticizing her appearance on camera, with “Jan” — as Janet called herself — saying it looked like she had bags under her eyes. Jackson said that fans might not recognize her because she put on a few pounds since having her baby. Then a male voice could be heard in the background, and Janet admonished Randy, presumably her brother Randy Jackson, for interrupting her video and told him to shut up.

“Just in case you don’t recognize me because I have put on quite a few since I had the baby.”

As reported by USA Today, Janet snapped at Randy because he commented that Jackson had put on “more than a few pounds” when she went through the process of becoming pregnant and birthing her baby.

“Can you please be quiet, Randy? Nobody is talking to you. Thank you.”

In the 10 hours since the video was published to Twitter, it has received more than 8,700 likes and more than 4,000 retweets. In Janet’s video, Jackson acknowledged that she had separated from her husband and told viewers that her marriage was in God’s hands.

Janet’s Impending Divorce from Wissam al Mana

Janet didn’t go into any details about why her marriage to Wissam al Mana failed. Jackson and Wissam can be seen in the below photo from when the two attended a Giorgio Armani fashion show during Milan Fashion Week on February 25, 2014, in Milan, Italy.

The 50-year-old Jackson went on to gush about her son, calling her 3-month-old son Eissa Al Mana by terms of endearment that were hard to decipher in the video. On Twitter on April 14, Janet posted the below photo of the baby that she later called a happy and healthy baby.

“I thank God for him, you guys. He’s so healthy, so beautiful, so sweet, so loving, such a happy baby.”

In spite of being in the middle of her marriage breaking up, Jackson said that she was so happy to have her baby.

Jackson’s impending divorce from her husband Wissam has been discussed quite a bit in the press, with presumptions about how much monies are involved being bandied about. However, Janet seemed content to leave those matters to a higher power.

“I just want to keep it real with you guys for a second. Yes, I separated from my husband. We are in court. And the rest is in God’s hands.”

Janet apologized to her fans and thanked them for sticking with her as she announced the new beginning of her concert date, which had been postponed due to her pregnancy. The resumption of Janet’s tour, which now has a new name as well, will begin on September 7.

“I’m so excited!”

Now that folks know the countdown clock mysteriously published previously was related to Janet’s tour news, publications are listing the individual venues where Janet will appear, such as the KFC Yum! Center, according to WDRB, when Jackson comes to Louisville on Friday, December 1.

Janet’s “State of the World Tour” will also come to Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle, on September 9, at the Toyota Center.

In her video, Jackson noted that the “State of the World Tour” wasn’t a political tour. Janet’s “State Of The World Tour” will also stop in St. Louis, according to CBS St. Louis.

There are no tour dates listed as of this writing on Janet’s website, however, Ticketmaster has several cities listed for Jackson’s “State of the World Tour.”

Janet’s 2017 ‘State of the World Tour’ Cities

On Ticketmaster’s website, the “State of the World” tour cities show approximately 57 results as of this writing.

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