WWE News: Former Champion Says He Would Have Beaten Brock Lesnar In Real Fight, Wants To Return To WWE

Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Universal Champion and sitting at the top of everything, but there are still those who believe they are better than him. The 39-year-old former UFC Champion is still dominating the wrestling scene and will continue to do that for a number of years. As he holds onto the title, another former UFC fighter not only believes he could have beaten Lesnar in his prime, but Ken Shamrock wants to return to WWE for a chance at a world title.

For a few years, Ken Shamrock was showcased as the MMA fighter who was tearing it up in the ring for WWE. He was a part of the Corporation and had feuds with the British Bulldog, Vader, Shawn Michaels, and The Rock while winning the Intercontinental and Tag Team Titles.

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Ken Shamrock just recently turned 53-years-old and some may say that he paved the way for UFC/MMA fighters to transition into the world of professional wrestling. He recently spoke with Hannibal TV about that and a number of other topics which included Brock Lesnar.

At one point, the discussion of Lesnar’s failed drug tests in UFC came up, and that led to whether Shamrock could have defeated the “Beast Incarnate.” Shamrock was very confident about things and said that in his prime, he could have easily defeated Lesnar, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“Listen, it’s not about bragging, being better than somebody, it’s about skill sets. There’s no question in my mind that the times I was in my prime I was the most well-rounded fighter out there. Or in the world. I was the one who knew how to kickbox, I did kickbox and muay thai, I competed in events in Japan, and I was a submission specialist. Going into the UFC for the first time, I was the most well-rounded fighter there.

“Being able to fight a guy like Brock Lesnar who is a wrestler, who has very limited skills in striking, in my prime and him in his prime, he doesn’t have a chance. How can you beat me? You can’t beat me. If I’m in my prime and I have all those skill sets, and in his prime, he was very limited in his skill sets, how can you beat me?”

Shamrock then goes on to say that he has “captured every title there is in the world that I’ve competed in.” It’s true that he has won a number of titles in every promotion he’s ever been a part of, whether that was MMA or wrestling.

In TNA Impact Wrestling, he did capture the NWA World Heavyweight Title and he held the WWF/WWE Intercontinental Title and Tag Team Titles once each. He hopes that all differences could be put aside in the future and allow him a chance to return and get a shot at the top title.

Ken Shamrock even said he hopes “Brock Lesnar has it cause I’d like to come after him.”

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A number of past superstars have returned to WWE after long amounts of time away and Shamrock believes he deserves that same chance. He simply isn’t sure what is holding Vince McMahon back from making the call to have him return and he feels that his past speaks for itself.

“I wouldn’t ask why I should get another chance. I think everyone already knows that I should get a chance. I think I would want to know why, what’s the underlying – cause everyone else has come back. Look at it, all these other guys have come and gone back, had issues with them, went to other organizations, WCW come back and they still got in. I would really want to know the truth. What was it that I did so bad that kept me out? Cause obviously I have the talent. I brought in all those new moves everyone is using now. You want to talk about somebody that has changed the face of wrestling because of them being in it, I think it’s pretty clear I did that. Me to have an opportunity to come back and at least get a shot at that title, because it alludes me and bothers me, so I’d love to get a shot at that.”

Ken Shamrock hasn’t been a full-time UFC fighter in close to a decade. He hasn’t been in a major wrestling promotion since he was with TNA Impact Wrestling in 2004, and his last stint in WWE ended in 1999. Shamrock still believes he can return to WWE one day and compete for a world title, but that is something that isn’t really in his control. If his comeback ever does happen, though, he’ll have to likely go through Brock Lesnar and things could get ugly.

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