Former 2NE1 Vocalist Park Bom Announces Black Label Signing, Gets Flat-Out Denied By YG Entertainment

Fans of former 2NE1 vocalist Park Bom were greeted by great news recently, as the singer seemingly announced that she has signed on with The Black Label, an independent sub-label under YG Entertainment. Unfortunately for the singer and her fans, the talent agency has issued a statement flat-out denying Bom’s claims, stating that she is not signed on at all with the independent label. Needless to say, K-pop fans are now at a loss.

The controversial set of events was set in motion on April 27, as Bom was speaking to one of her fans online. In a tweet that has since been deleted, the popular K-pop artist responded to an inquiry about her future solo endeavors by saying that fans would be better off directing their questions to YG Entertainment and Teddy Oppa, the chief of The Black Label. When pressed further, Bom clarified that she had indeed signed on as a talent for the independent sub-label, according to an AllKpop report.


Things took a turn for the worse for the K-pop star, however, as YG promptly shot down the artist’s statements. In a direct rebuttal of the former 2NE1 vocalist’s words, YG asserted that Bom is currently not in the lineup of artists under independent talent firm.

“It’s not at all true that Park Bom is going to be with The Black Label led by producer Teddy. She did not sign with The Black Label.”

Popular K-pop website Soompi, citing a network insider, appears to have confirmed YG’s statement. According to the report, Bom remains unsigned under YG Entertainment since her contract expired back in November, just a few months before the disbandment of 2NE1, the artist’s former group.

“There have been no contract changes since the expiration of Park Bom’s contract with YG. To our knowledge, there are no plans for her to sign with The Black Label.”

The strange back and forth statements between Bom and YG Entertainment has brought numerous K-pop fans to their feet, with many fans of the rather controversial artist coming to her defense. Some have noted that before the disbandment of 2NE1, YG has confirmed that all members of the K-pop powerhouse female group except Minzy remained signed with the company. Thus, numerous fans of the popular artist believe that Bom might very well be signed with YG Entertainment, though her inactivity remains a mystery.


Others, however, have largely blamed the K-pop star for the ensuing confusion over her status as a talent of YG or The Black Label, with some even stating that Park Bom had been displaying some seemingly erratic behavior in social media as of late. The fact that she had deleted the tweets containing her initial statements has added fuel to the notion that she was indeed the reason behind the ongoing confusion over her status as an active K-pop artist.

Over her years as a K-pop idol, Park Bom has become one of the most recognizable faces in the South Korean music industry. Being one of the vocalists of the powerhouse female group 2NE1, Bom became a household name both in South Korea and abroad. Things took a turn for the worse a few years ago, however, when the artist got embroiled in a massive controversy over her alleged use of illegal substances.

The resulting fallout from her alleged drug use controversy has resulted in Bom temporarily leaving the limelight for a significant period. After the fallout of her controversy, it was only a matter of time before YG Entertainment decided to pull the plug on 2NE1. While other members CL and Dara immediately signed back in with the label after the group’s disbandment, however, Bom’s status remained unknown. Based on what has recently happened in Twitter so far, however, it appears that Park Bom’s status as a K-pop artist would remain a mystery, at least for now.

[Featured Image by Kin Cheung/AP Images]