Maxie Jones Missing From ‘General Hospital,’ Where Is Kirsten Storms?

Maxie Jones has been missing from the General Hospital canvas for months now. Back in February, Kirsten Storms decided to take a leave of absence from her role and work out some personal issues. Rumors swirled around her gaunt appearance and lack of presence on social media. Storms was once incredibly interactive with her fans, and she seemingly just vanished for weeks. It was speculated that her medical condition may have been affecting her, but no official word has been given about what caused her to leave General Hospital.

There is plenty of speculation about what is currently happening on General Hospital with the absence of Maxie Jones. Nathan (Ryan Paevey) isn’t fitting into any of the current storylines, and while it seemed like a plausible option to avoid recasting Maxie while Kirsten Storms was on leave, it may cause their marriage to be written as a break-up. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Maxie Jones being gone from Port Charles is putting a strain on her relationship. While this isn’t exactly news, “Naxie” (Nathan and Maxie) fans are disappointed that Storms’ leave of absence wasn’t handled with the long-term effects in mind. Writing her in Portland was easy enough to give her a few weeks away, but it has been months now, and the entire storyline is hanging in limbo.

Fans have been getting antsy about the word on Kirsten Storms returning to General Hospital as Maxie Jones. She has taken two previous breaks and was replaced both times. While the actresses who stepped in weren’t the original, they allowed for the storylines to continue without interrupting what the writers have set up. “Naxie” fans waited for a long time for Nathan and Maxie to get married after dealing with all of the other obstacles thrown their way. After the wedding, both Nathan and Maxie essentially disappeared for weeks. Ryan Paevey was away filming a movie, so when the opportunity arose for Storms to take a break, it appeared the timing was perfect. There has been no indication of when she will return, which is unsettling.

Kirsten Storms has resurfaced on social media, but her presence still isn’t what it used to be. She has not made an official statement about her break from playing Maxie Jones on General Hospital. Fans have speculated several things to have been wrong with the actress, but nothing has been confirmed. It is public knowledge that Storms suffered from endometriosis and took time off to deal with it while working on General Hospital. She went on to get married to former co-star Brandon Barash and had a baby girl with him shortly after. The two have since decided to divorce, leading some to wonder if this was why Storms needed a break from being Maxie Jones.

Spoilers are indicating that Maxie Jones is still going to return to Port Charles, but the timeline is still unclear. The mention of her to keep Nathan relevant is starting to irk fans, especially because so little information is available about what is happening with Kirsten Storms. Most of the episodes are shot several weeks in advance, which means a Maxie appearance for May sweeps is out of the question at this point. It is a little upsetting to fans, especially when the role could have easily been recast by now. With all of the weeks that have passed since Storms’ leave of absence was announced, there was enough time to get things together to avoid wrecking the “Naxie” marriage before it even got started. General Hospital just isn’t the same without Maxie Jones running around in Port Charles and doing scatterbrained things.

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