Trump Talks Obama Wiretapping, Walks Out Of Interview With John Dickerson, Tells CBS Reporter ‘That’s Enough’

President Donald Trump was the one who brought up the accusations against former President Barack Obama about wiretapping claims without proof, but then President Trump was the man who waved off John Dickerson from Face the Nation and CBS News, with Mr. Trump waving off Dickerson and telling him, “That’s enough.”

As seen in the video below, when President Trump made his way to his desk in the Oval Office, the video of Mr. Trump sitting down and reading paperwork after the awkward exchange is destined to become the stuff of viral memes.

As explained in the description of the viral YouTube video, the interview took place in the Oval Office on President Trump’s 100th day on the job.

Face the Nation moderator John Dickerson spoke with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on his 100th day on the job. Trump discussed the power of the office, the changes he’s made, and the ‘bigness’ of the decisions he makes.”

According to CBS News, the interview between President Trump and the chief Washington correspondent involved Dickerson talking to Mr. Trump about his 100 days of presidential accomplishments. However, what is being remembered about the interview with the president is the odd way the interview ended. The interview with Trump covered topics such as North Korea and the country’s missile tests. Mr. Trump noted that he did not tell the North Korean president not to test a missile, but stated he would not be happy if there was a nuclear test done.

As far as whether Trump’s definition meant military response, President Trump said, “I don’t know. I mean, we’ll see.”

President Trump stated that perhaps North Korea doesn’t have very good missiles, but admitted that eventually, the country might have good missiles. Mr. Trump had no comment on the North Korean leader.

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However, Mr. Trump did call the leader of North Korea “a pretty smart cookie.”

President Trump gave himself kudos for his job thus far as president, calling it a challenge that he enjoys. Mr. Trump said he has done a good job as being president. President Trump did tell Dickerson that he calls his show Face the Nation by a different name: Deface the Nation.

Then Mr. Trump told John that the show “is sometimes not exactly correct.”

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From accusations of China manipulating the currency to the “dishonest” media, the interview with Trump ranged a gamut of topics. Obamacare and NAFTA were also discussed. From Russia to a plethora of other topics, President Trump’s interview is making waves on social media. Some of the comments that President Trump is receiving about the interview on social media can be read below.

“Do ‘s aides have heart attacks every time he does an interview like these?”

“Donald Trump won’t give up unsupported claim that Barack Obama wiretapped him. Behavior during interview very disturbing. Trump is very sick.”

“Q: Trump said of his own comments in CBS interview, ‘I don’t stand by anything.’ How can American public believe anything he says?

“Coincidental that Trump team rolls back Michelle’s work right after her first big interview since leaving WH? Doubt it.

“Dickerson interview, Day 2. Is there MORE? Will we be tired of winning (in this sick/bad game on which our future depends)?”

“Dickerson asked Trump if he stands by his Tweet re Obama. ‘I don’t stand by anything,’ he responded. ‘You can take it the way you want.'”

“Trump to Dickerson: Fake media, which sometimes is you….sometimes I call your show deface the nation… .”

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