Jane Elliot Is Leaving ‘General Hospital,’ Final Tracy Quartermaine Scenes Air This Week

Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine has been a General Hospital staple for nearly four decades. She has stirred up plenty of trouble in Port Charles for the time she has been on the show, and her exit has rehashed some of her less than desirable deeds. Elliot announced her retirement about a month ago, though rumors of her exiting General Hospital had been floating for several months prior. It has been a long journey and fans will miss her as she leaves Port Charles for good this Thursday.

The celebration of Jane Elliot has gone on for a little over two weeks now. The wind down to her exit has been heavily anticipated, though it appears there isn’t going to be a grand farewell. According to She Knows Soaps, Jane Elliot didn’t want anything extravagant on her way out of General Hospital. There was an intimate party for her, nothing that would draw a lot of commotion or fanfare. Elliot has always been more low-key than some of her colleagues, often opting out of being in the public eye during fan events. She doesn’t have social media and chooses to remain more private than some of the other soap stars from her era. This is just who she is, and her farewell was a reflection of everything Jane Elliot is and was in her career as Tracy Quartermaine.

This will be the final week that Jane Elliot will air as Tracy Quartermaine. Fans have been looking forward to how she will be written out. Rumors have swirled about several people who have been tied to Elliot in storylines returning to say goodbye, but it looks like only one will be around to see her off. Anthony Geary walked off into the fog two years ago but returned for one day to tape with his on-screen love, Elliot. The two were not what anyone would consider a General Hospital super couple, but they had a dynamic that no one else could replicate. It is unclear how the two will cross paths on Thursday, but he will be there with her as she exits the role of Tracy Quartermaine. Geary had been adamant about not returning under Ron Carlivati, and fortunately, he wasn’t around when this opportunity came knocking. General Hospital fans are looking forward to the episode and hope that the writers did right by both Elliot and Geary.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see Jane Elliot on the small screen at all anymore. She is taking her retirement seriously. With all of the things you have to do in the entertainment business to get hired now, Elliot just isn’t interested in working another job. Much of her career has been spent flying under the radar. Doing her job and working like normal without any of the extras many of the actors do now is something she is proud of. There isn’t a Facebook page or Twitter account used by Jane Elliot at all. It isn’t her thing, and she doesn’t want to make it her thing. All of the work she has done has been because of her love for Tracy Quartermaine and the material written for her. When she walked off the General Hospital set, she was done for good.

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will be emotional for fans, especially those who love Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine. A return in some capacity in the future has not been ruled out if done the right way, but it isn’t hopeful either. Elliot has closed a chapter in her life that lasted nearly 40 years, and Tracy Quartermaine will live in the hearts of General Hospital viewers forever.

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