‘Supergirl’ Season Finale: Will Lena Luther Join Forces With Rhea Against Supergirl?

This season on Supergirl we’ve seen a rather surprising friendship develop between Kara/Supergirl and Lena Luthor – the adopted sister of super villain and Superman enemy Lex Luthor. But as pointed out by Entertainment Weekly, is that friendship about to be tossed out the window in the season finale?

At the end of last week’s episode of Supergirl, we saw the unexpected arrival of Rhea – Mon-El’s mother and the hated enemy of Supergirl – in Lena Luthor’s office. Obviously, she must have some kind of alliance in mind. After all, her last plan to destroy Supergirl didn’t work out too well, so maybe she feels she needs a little help.

On the surface, it might seem unlikely that Lena Luthor would stab her friend Kara in the back that way, but after all she is a Luthor. It was highly improbable she was going to avoid becoming a major villain on the show at some point. And someone has to be the big bad for Season 3, so why not her?

Still, it’s hard to see what motivation Rhea could provide that would convince Lena to help her against Supergirl. That is, until you consider the secret that Kara/Supergirl has been keeping from Lena all this time. In short, the fact that she is Supergirl.

In light of the fact that in the last episode Lena sacrificed her former lover in order to save Supergirl, it might be possible for Rhea to create a break between the two simply by telling Lena that Kara is Supergirl. This could easily feed into the paranoia that the Luthor family as a whole seems to have about alien invaders and their trustworthiness.

Yes, a fly in the ointment with this scenario is that Rhea herself is one of those invading aliens. But it may be that she will choose to keep this information to herself in her new partnership with Lena. On the other hand, it could be that Lena simply wouldn’t care. It would be a typical Lex Luthor “the ends justifies the means” kind of attitude.

And speaking of Lex Luthor, an alternative proposal that Rhea could make to Lena that might draw her into Rhea’s plans against Supergirl would be to offer to help Lex escaped from the prison he’s currently in. Whether this would move Lena to conspire against Supergirl isn’t entirely clear.

But on the other hand, if as seems likely the producers would like to bring Lex Luthor himself onto the show as a principal villain facing off against Supergirl – and an occasionally visiting Superman – it will be necessary to get him out of prison somehow. So a conspiracy between Lena Luthor and Rhea in the season finale of Supergirl in which Lex gets out of prison would fit perfectly with such season 3 plans.

Of course, it’s almost inevitable in this kind of situation that the two big bad’s – in this case Lena and Rhea – would turn on each other at some point during the finale episode. In fact, it seems likely that Rhea herself is going to cease to be a major figure on Supergirl, since viewer reactions to her character – or perhaps to Teri Hatcher’s acting – haven’t been entirely positive.

It’s not even clear that Supergirl – by the end of the finale – would know that Lena had been conspiring against her. After all, if they want to continue using the character of Lena Luthor in the upcoming season, it will make more sense for her to be head of her company – or perhaps cohead with Lex – than it would for her to be sitting in prison, dead or on the run.

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