Sylvester Stallone To Get Marvel Movie? What James Gunn Says After ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2’ [Spoilers]

Sylvester Stallone – to the surprise of some – actually has a small role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Marvel film. While it might seem like an odd casting choice at first, Stallone is no stranger to sci-fi films – having already played the role of Judge Dredd. The team was apparently to find a role that suited Stallone’s unique persona – which apparently is something James Bond managed to do.

Sylvester Stallone’s Character in Guardians

Stakar Ogord – a.k.a. Starhawk – is not exactly a household name among non-comic book aficionados. In the comics, Starhawk is a big deal in the intergalactic Marvel world. Star Hawk often plays the role of antihero in the comics, having been a member of the Reavers of Arcturus. His parents – Quasar and Kismet – were also major players.

As reported by, Marvel clearly isn’t going to do a point by point adaption of the character into the movie. Virtually all of Marvel’s comic book characters have been changed to fit their movie universe, and Sylvester Stallone’s character isn’t going to be an exception. According to the film’s production notes, the character is described as follows:

Stakar had banished Yondu many years earlier for doing something wrong and he finally sees him almost twenty years later at this particular establishment called the Iron Lotus where all of the Ravagers go to blow off steam. And then we have a confrontation which is pretty intense and it’s kind of a father/son type of thing and now he’s going to have to pay the piper. His karma has come back ten-fold.

It’s always interesting that so many Marvel films seem to be about father-son relationships. This can be seen with the latest Spiderman: Homecoming film – Tony Stark and Peter Parker – and the various for films – Thor and Odin. So it’s not surprising that the character Sylvester Stallone is playing is involved in that paradigm again.

Given this, is it really out of the question that this interstellar Rambo could end up having his own standalone Marvel film in the Cosmic Universe that James Gunn says he and Kevin Feige are attempting to build. No, but it’s not very likely.

No Sylvester Stallone Marvel Standalone

Instead, it seems probable that Feige and Gunn’s plans and involve using Sylvester Stallone and his character in whatever Cosmic Universe films they might be planning for Marvel Stage 4 once the Avengers: Infinity War movies are over.

And it has to be recognized that Stallone isn’t exactly the massive box office draw he once was. While the first Expendables movie did relatively well, the two that followed were significant disappointments at the box office. The smaller projects Stallone has tried in recent years have also failed to hit the jackpot.

Given this, it’s unlikely that Marvel – which plans every step it takes very carefully – would be willing to put the fate of one of its films in the hands of Sylvester Stallone. Not to mention that he’s getting a bit long in the tooth, making his ongoing presence in the Marvel universe a bit questionable.

More likely, will see the character of Stakar Ogord/Starhawk appear in any future Guardians films as a secondary character. It’s even possible that he might end up joining the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves, although this seems less likely since it would involve making him a full-time character with much more screen time.

It’s not too surprising that Sylvester Stallone would serve this role in the Marvel universe. We’ve already seen very well-known actors like Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro, and now Jeff Goldblum taking on relatively minor roles in Marvel films.

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