Netflix Hacked: ‘OITNB’ Leaked, Will ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ ‘NCIS Los Angeles,’ ‘The Catch’ Be Leaked Next?

With Netflix hacked and the upcoming season’s opening episode of Orange Is the New Black already leaked online, will other television series and movies also threatened by the organization styling itself as TheDarkOverlord also start appearing online? This leak involves more than just Netflix and its slate of shows like OITNB. As reported by Variety, it may well be that shows produced by other companies – like NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, CBS’s NCIS Los Angeles and Fox’s New Girl are also at risk of being leaked.

The reason TheDarkOverlord hacked Netflix shows – as well as those of other online and broadcast networks – appears to be financial extortion. The organization reportedly demanded payment from Netflix in return for not leaking OITNB episodes to online torrent sites. Netflix apparently refused to make the demanded payment.

After this attempt at blackmail failed, the organization must have decided to make an example of Netflix so that the other media corporations would be more cooperative. This is made clear by a Twitter message posted by TheDarkOverlord in which they threatened other networks and studios who hadn’t yet paid up.

“Who is next on the list? FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, and ABC. Oh, what fun we’re all going to have. We’re not playing any games anymore.”

The actual source of the leak is suspected to be – although not yet confirmed to be – Larson Studios audio post production company. This well-respected and award-winning firm apparently experienced a breach of security that permitted TheDarkOverlord group to gain access to a number of TV series and movies then being edited.

But this release of Netflix hacked shows isn’t the end of the matter. Far from it. TheDarkOverlord group provided a list of shows and movies at risk, along with screenshots and other evidence proving that they had actually obtained these shows or movies, some of which have yet to be released.

A Midsummers Nightmare – Television Movie

Above Suspicion – Movie

Bill Nye Saves The World – Television Series

Breakthrough – Television Series

Brockmire – Television Series

Bunkd – Television Series

Celebrity Apprentice (The Apprentice) – Television Series

Food Fact or Fiction – Television Series

Handsome – Movie

Hopefuls – Television Series

Hum – Short

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Television Series

Jason Alexander Project – Television Series

“Liza Koshy Special” – YouTube

Lucha Underground – Television Series

Lucky Roll – Television Series

Making History – Television Series

Man Seeking Woman – Television Series

Max and Shred – Television Series

Mega Park – Television Series

NCIS Los Angeles – Television Series

New Girl – Television Series

Orange Is The New Black – Television Series

Portlandia – Television Series

Rebel In The Rye – Movie

Steve Harveys Funderdome – Television Series

Story of God with Morgan Freeman – Television Series

Superhuman – Television Series

The Arrangement – Television Series

The Catch – Television Series

The Middle – Television Series

The Stanley Dynamic – Television Series

The Thundermans – Television Series

Undeniable with Joe Buck – Television Series

Win It All – Movie

X Company – Television Series

XXX Return of Xander Cage – Movie

It remains to be seen whether any of the other companies under threat will agree to pay to protect their property from early release. On the one hand, such a release could be extremely damaging to their short-term profitability. On the other hand, paying blackmailers will almost certainly guarantee similar occurrences in the future. There’s an old saying that once one pays the Danegeld, one never gets rid of the Dane.

Of course, with Netflix hacked and other major networks at risk, it’s safe to assume that much more stringent security measures will be put in place in the future. So these companies may choose to pay off now on the assumption that they will be able to avoid getting hacked in the future. But this in itself would be a very dangerous gamble.

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